Ms. Hollander's Class

Five of our students participated in the NH PBS Kids Write Competition. They developed their ideas and worked on these stories on their own time, and received support from me throughout the writing process.

Congratulations to Emma, Logan, Charlie, Kassie, and Mia! Keep on writing!

Their stories are viewable on this link:

(Scroll down to Fifth Grade Honorable Mention and Fifth Grade Outstanding Achievement.)


Important Dates

Monday, June 10th - Field Day

  • Dressed for indoor and outdoor activities
  • Sneakers
  • Water bottle
  • Hat/visor [recommended]
  • Sunscreen [lotion form only, recommended]

Tuesday, June 11th -

Campfire Read-a-Thon & Summer Birthday Celebration

We will spend the morning reading around a “campfire” and enjoying a special s’mores treat (provided by Ms. H.). Please feel free to bring in blankets, sleeping bags, pillows, and flashlights to get comfy and read. Books from home are more than welcome as well.

In the afternoon, we will be celebrating ALL of the summer birthdays! If your child has a summer birthday, please let Ms. Hollander know if you plan to contribute a treat for the class celebration.

Wednesday, June 12th - STEAM Day

We will be doing STEAM activities ALL day! We’ll do some in the classroom and some in the Innovation Lab. Be prepared to think creatively!

Thursday, June 13th - Game Day

Today is all about playing games! We will be competing with our third grade buddies on “Minute-to-Win-It” challenges. Then we’ll head back to the classroom to play games - LOTS of games. Please bring in any of your favorite board games or card games for the day.

Friday, June 14th - Last Day of School

We will be having a schoolwide celebration for the last day of school. Students in 5th grade traditionally wear white t-shirts and enjoy having them signed by their classmates and teachers.

Milford District Calendar 2018-2019

Daily Schedule

8:30 Arrival8:40 Morning Meeting8:55 Math10:05 Specials [see schedule below]11:00 Math Groups11:30 Lunch & Recess12:25 Quiet Time12:35 Reading/Language Arts2:15 Science or Social Studies2:45 Closing Meeting3:00 Dismissal


Monday - Library [Mrs. Covell]

Tuesday - Music [Mrs. Rumson]

Wednesday - Art [Mrs. Rancourt]

Thursday - P.E. [Mr. Dubray]

Friday - Computers [Mr. Mac]