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At Jonathan Law, keeping in touch with our community is one of our highest priorities. The Guardian is one way we are able to share all of the great news happening at our school, along with important information about upcoming programs and events. This parent newsletter is issued every month. The Advocate is our student-issued monthly newspaper. This publication is issued and distributed to the Jonathan Law student community, as well as put online.

Please take the time to read both of these outstanding publications. We also will upload the latest issues of The Guardian to this website, for your convenience. The Advocate is automatically uploaded in an online version each month. Click on the icon below to be brought to that website. We hope you enjoy both of the Jonathan Law publications!

And don't forget to 'tune in' to the Daily info you'll receive from our award winning Eagle Eye News! Click on the icon, (right), and hear all about the news, activity, and upcoming events connected to our school.

The Advocate