New Entrant Year One 2019

Welcome to the New Entrant Year 1 Team.

This website will help you to keep updated with information about our classes this term. We have an "open door" policy and welcome all parents to come and talk with us at any time regarding their children and the classroom programme.


Play Based Learning in our classrooms.

  • Why Play? - Starting school can be an exciting but stressful time for parents and children. We acknowledge not all children are ready to learn the same thing at the same time in the same way. At Milford school we aim to make the transition as smooth and enjoyable as possible. For us this means play based learning where the children and their interests are at the core of their learning.
  • Play based learning allows children to be active participants in their learning through hands-on and creative exploration and investigation, that sits alongside intentional teaching, where the teacher scaffolds, explains, models and extends learning.
  • Children are encouraged to explore, investigate and develop ideas and hypotheses. They test their ideas and find new ways of building, creating, drawing and thinking. Play develops innovation, inquiry, curiosity, sustainability, respect, curiosity, openness, optimism, resilience, concentration, self regulation in behaviour, memory, language and communication skills.
  • In our rooms you will see children engaging with each other, negotiating, sorting out disagreements and establishing friendships. They are imagining, exploring and inventing. They will be taking risks, discovering new ideas and putting these ideas into action.
  • Key Competency Focused - The National Curriculum is highly regarded and underpinning this are the Key Competencies (capabilities for living and lifelong learning) - thinking, using language, managing self, relating to others, participating and contributing.
  • During the day teachers take reading, maths, writing, phonics, handwriting with small groups or the whole class. Children are also taken by a specialist teacher for PE, music and ESOL
  • Children are motivated by the power of ‘yet’, and understand the power and importance of mistakes, reflection and struggle. They are develop perseverance and a stronger sense of identity.
  • Play time is followed up with a reflection time.

PBL at Milford School sees children coming into class full of curiosity, openness, optimism, resilience and concentration. They are working with deeper and richer thinking, effort and ownership. Teachers are seeing children with more self regulation in behaviour, enhancement in memory skill and a more positive approach to Reading, Writing and Maths.