We can help you attract, recruit and onboard a diverse pool of talent. We can help you in a number of ways, for example:

Design talent attraction schemes

We can design, develop and deliver recruitment campaigns and schemes to attract talent that you have struggled to reach before. For example, we can design a Return to Work programme inviting people who have had a career break back to the workforce. Or perhaps you want to attract autistic candidates for some technical roles and we can help you reach this talent pool as well.

Improving your recruitment process

We can analyse the effectiveness of your recruitment process in attracting a diverse range of candidates and their success through the recruitment process. We can improve your recruitment process so that you hire a diverse range of employees.

Onboarding for a sense of belonging

Recruitment is a time intensive activity and you want your new recruit to have a great first impression and feel like they belong to your organisation and that they have made the right decision to join you. Your onboarding process is key to this experience and we can help you make it as inclusive as possible.