We know that in order to succeed we must work together as a team. We will be one of the first to refer you on to somebody else if we feel that we cannot meet your brief or we don't have the expertise you need. Here are some of our close relationships that help us satisfy our clients.

Digital Accessibility and Inclusion

Hassell Inclusion

Hassell Inclusion is an inclusion and accessibility consultancy founded and directed by internationally renowned accessibility expert Professor Jonathan Hassell. After leading the writing of British Accessibility Standards BS 8878 in 2010, he is currently leading work at ISO to convert BS 8878 into the new international standard ISO 30071-1.

Additional Resource in Marketing, Finance, Admin, HR and Operations

Hoxby Collective

Located across 29 countries, each of their 450+ members has passed a rigorous selection process and proven themselves within a live project environment. They are the best of their industry, selected on merit and without prejudice.

Hoxby use their diverse global network of talent to provide the highest quality and best value team for every job, rather than selling you the team they have in-house.

They don’t put people into roles, they combine the skills, passions and experiences of each member to create a fast, flexible and bespoke team for every brief.

HR and Talent Management

Let's talk talent

Let's talk talent are creative, agile, experienced pros who are challenging businesses to create world-class experiences for their people. A talent and organisational design consultancy based in London, they started in 2015 and it’s been an incredible journey ever since. Their function is to make your organisation irresistible by unlocking your people potential, ensuring your organisation thrives at every level, along any time-frame. They do this by using a consumer lens to understand your business strategy and your employees wants and needs. They then approach any challenges with a creative, pragmatic set of skills and tools.

Technology, innovation and change

Perfect Ltd

Perfect Ltd specialise in finding game changing solutions to global technology issues where new diverse perspectives are needed.

Inclusive Recruitment

Wells Tobias

Wells Tobias Recruitment Solutions is a full-service recruitment consultancy, founded in 2005, providing permanent, temporary, interim and contract workforce solutions to a wide range of organisations and industries.

Their clients range from multinational businesses through to start-ups, all benefiting from their unique approach to ensuring inclusion and diversity throughout the recruitment lifecycle.


Mitzi Wyman

A solicitor by training, and with a background in organisational psychiatry and psychology, Mitzi had the privilege to work with and observe outstanding leaders who are making real impact in the world. Mitzi studied what drives them and now, through Wyman Associates, she shares with her clients how they too can achieve the clarity, vision and purpose that leads to wise choices, better decision making and cultures where all can thrive.