The Spiritist Vine

Advice: This project is not meant to be your only source of education, just a supplementary option. Check for a nearby Spiritist Society at this page from the US Spiritist Federation.

This is NOT the full original work but an abridged study aid with the answers — and non-questions — removed for brevity and to incite active student participation.

We aim to stimulate the scientific, philosophical and religious reflection about the Doctrine and its implications thus promoting the productive study instead of sterile reading.

The intended mode of use is the study group where the leader has access to a full copy of The Spirits’ Book and the students utilize this study aid. The students take turns reading the questions and then conjecture about the possible answer — with the leader's guidance. After a satisfactory argumentation by the students, the answer is read and discussed.

This study aid is not for sale and all copies will be provided free of charge to English Spiritism study groups across the United States. Contact us through Facebook or email us to be considered for sponsorship.

If you are a Spiritist group leader, fluent in English, and have a few hours per week to share, please consider joining our team at

With our study aid you may:

1. Encourage active participation from your students.

2. Avoid wear & tear on your for-sale copies.

3. Promote the sales of the full edition of The Spirits' Book.

4. Build awareness on the fact that all religions, philosophies and sciences are concerned about the same questions.


We thank — and its parent — for allowing the use of the source translation.