The Spiritist Vine

Advice: This project is not meant to be your only source of education, just a supplementary option. Check for a nearby Spiritist Society at this page from the US Spiritist Federation.

Our intent is to reach you while you are "in the world" so immediately after our session you are better prepared to deal with the daily opportunities for improvement God puts in our path. For example, you may decide to be more sympathetic towards the plights of your co-workers, those below you and even the ones above. Make a concerted effort in the farewell of the old self so you can become the one God intended all along.

Click on each cover for the ebook edition from Amazon.

Although books may be purchased in print, we personally recommend the e-book version as it allows the syncing of reading progress, bookmarks, popular highlights, notes, dictionary lookup, and translation. Consider it a sound investment in your spiritual education.

Alternatively, you may use the wonderful site with a searchable index all of Kardec's works in four languages.