The Spiritist Vine


Advice: This project is not meant to be your only source of education, just a supplementary option. Check for a nearby Spiritist Society at this page from the US Spiritist Federation.

Thank you for being here. My name is Sergio and I'm a retired US Navy Chief, veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan wars. We've decided to answer the call of “Love one another and educate yourselves”, dedicating our own time and money for this divine purpose.

Having started our studies in March 2013, my wife Mai and I have enjoyed the peace and tranquility that comes with a reasoned faith. However, studying the doctrine is best performed in a group setting and currently, we are limited to less than 70 locations across the entire US, only during their working hours, and subject to the availability of qualified workers fluent in English.

Therefore, we invite YOU to an online study session — always FREE. You choose the book, chapter, schedule, and pace.

Godspeed to all!

Our three-prong approach consists of:

1. One-on-one online study sessions

2. The study aid for study groups

3. Daily live video sessions

Although each functions independently, they excel when coupled with the assistance of a Spiritist Society's workers.

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New initiative!

You are now able to schedule online live presentations in English to benefit your Spiritist Society or Study Group. Email us to inquire about it.