60 - S E C O N D I N T R O.

“How many want to be tougher than tough times?

Our speaker, MIKE SEARLES is here to help…

He was in sales between the 1980s and 2008.

He’s won awards, been in management, and was invited to write and teach a college course on professional selling.

Mike also knows about ‘getting back on track’…

In 2009 at age 51 his doctor placed him on a life-saving Mental Health Treatment Program for recovery from major depression and substance addiction.

After years of recovery he bounced back to business by consulting with clients who needed to improve their marketing. He’s coached clients on overcoming adversity; and he produces The Comeback Coach Podcast.

So, speaking with us today on overcoming adversity and Getting Life & Business Back on Track please welcome, The Comeback Coach, MIKE SEARLES.”