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Cordless Pump Explained

This portable, light-weight (less than 6 lb with battery), cordless pump is an essential addition to any boating, pumping, and gardening tasks.

The pump is powered by a 18 or 20 volt cordless battery, the kind found in cordless drills and other handheld power tools.

A 4 amp-hour battery has an approximate run time of 55 minutes and can pump 8 gallons per minute.

The pump comes with a 6 ft. (3/4 in) hose and can be easily adapted to accept a garden hose.

A 1/16th inch screen filter keeps debris from entering the pump.

Uses for Cordless Pumps

The pump is ideal for:

  • Pumping small boats, canoes, kayaks
  • Pumping cisterns for gardens
  • Watering plants
  • Dewatering basements
  • Camping (showering)
  • Transferring water
  • Maintaining fish tanks
  • Siphoning (end of hose must be lower than bottom of pump).
  • Fill or empty live well

And much more

See it in action


Battery models available are:

  • DeWalt 18V or 20V
  • Milwaukee 18V
  • Makita 18V
  • Rigid 18V
  • Porter Cable 18V

Please specify battery model when ordering

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