Midwest Leather Weekend

Join us for the Midwest Leather Weekend the first weekend of October in St. Louis, Missouri. A three day event celebrating the Leather and Kink community with two great contests, celebrations and kink seminars.

The Midwest Leather Weekend is built around the Mr Midwest Leather and Midwest Puppy and Handler contests. Both held simultaneously Saturday night of the Midwest Leather Weekend.

How does that work? When the Puppies and Handlers are on stage, the Leathermen are preparing to go on next. When the Leathermen are on stage, the Puppies and Handlers are offstage preparing for the next round. Three contests keeping the night moving with hot action throughout the evening. A minimal admission fee of $10 keeps the event accessible to all. Our emcee keeps the action moving smoothly, quickly and with a lot of fun and humor.

The home for everything Midwest Puppy, Midwest Puppy and Handler and MW-PAH. Click on the link above to read all about this nationally renown event and the community. Sign up to participate as a volunteer or contestant. You'll find many new friends while having a great time at this fun filled event.

Home of the Mr Midwest Leather Contest, founded in the late-1980's and now held annually in St. Louis, Missouri. Leathermen, Leatherwomen and Leatherfolk come from surrounding midwest states to participate in this nationally recognized and respected event. Click on the link above to read all about it and make your plans to attend. You can sign up to volunteer or be a contestant, or just be part of the crowd enjoying it as it happens.


St. Louis, Missouri. Most of the action will take place at JJ's Clubhouse & Bar, at the intersection of Vandeventer and Market Street. Our host hotel information, with room specials and location, will be posted soon.


Friday Night - Meet & Greet at JJ's Clubhouse & Bar, 9pm to 12pm. Open to the public. Come join the contestants of both contests, the volunteer staff members and our distinguished judges for an evening of fun and socializing. You'll meet other members of the Leather/Kink Community, including notable elders and titleholders from a variety of areas around the country.

Saturday Afternoon - Seminars at JJ's Clubhouse & Bar, 11am to 4pm. Open to the public. Free admission. Info to come.

Saturday Evening - Judges Dinner at 6917 South Broadway, sponsored by Bar PM. 6pm to 8pm. Join judges, volunteer staff and members of the Leather/Kink Community for this catered dinner before the contests. Great food, great company. It's $14 each for salad, roast beef, baked chicken, baked fish, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, dessert and a cocktail.

Saturday Night - doors open at 9pm for the Midwest Puppy & Handler Contest and Mr Midwest Leather Contest. Admission $10. Come mingle, enjoy and look over the Silent Auction items, purchase Jello Shots and Raffle Tickets. And trade stories from the events of the previous two days.

Saturday Night - The Mr Midwest Leather and Midwest Puppy & Handler Contests at JJ's Clubhouse & Bar, starting promptly at 11pm. Things may change but one thing constant in this world; the contests start at 11 and not a minute later. Hot Leathermen, Puppies & Handlers share the stage in alternating segments for an evening of excitement and titillation.

Sunday Morning - The Midwest Leather Weekend Victory Brunch, 11am at Sushi Ai, 910 Olive St, St. Louis, MO 63101. Why Victory Brunch? Because we made it through another weekend of fun, kink, leather and community and made it to brunch relatively unscathed. Information on special menu items and pricing to come.

Judges and Staff

The Midwest Leather Weekend would not happen if not for the people who volunteer to make everything work. We appreciate the folks who give their time to make the Midwest Leather Weekend possible.

This includes our distinguished panel of Judges. Click Here to see the 2019 roster.


The kink seminars are an annual tradition of the Midwest Leather weekend. This year it is being put on by the Titans of the Midwest. We appreciate all the work that went in to presenting these seminars and the experts who are giving us their time and knowledge.

This year we feature seminars that do not fall under the category "Kink" so are calling them our Seminars for 2019.

The four seminars take place Saturday during the day at JJ's Bar & Grill in St. Louis. Admission is free and everyone is welcome.

Click here for the schedule.