Site-Based Decision Making

Midway ISD has an established site-based decision-making committee at the district level to advise the superintendent on educational goals and objectives. This committee is known as the Midway Advisory & Strategy Team, or MAST. The team includes campus level professional staff representatives, parents of students enrolled in the district, business representatives, and community members. Two levels of site-based decision making teams function within the district:

    • District-level: MAST

    • Campus-level: Campus Leadership Team (CLT)

Texas Senate Bill 1, passed in May 1995, established District Site-Based Decision Making Committees to give support and direction to Site Based Decision Making Committees and to serve as a central gathering and evaluation point for information coming from those committees.

Role of the MAST

The MAST was established to advise the superintendent in the following roles:

  • Establish and review the district's educational goals and objectives;

  • Review major district-wide instructional programs identified by the board or superintendent;

  • Analyze dropout rates, dropout prevention plans, and graduation rates;

  • Approve staff development of a district-wide nature; and

  • Serve exclusively in an advisory role.

Purpose of MAST

  • Be involved in establishing and reviewing the district educational plans, goals, performance objectives, and major classroom instructional programs;

  • Assist the superintendent annually in preparing, reviewing, and revising the District Improvement Plan and each campus improvement plan's alignment to the district's;

  • Annually discuss the district level academic performance and accountability and the prior year's performance objectives;

  • Participate in the development of, and approve, district-wide staff development;

  • Participate in the development of, and the recommendation to the Board, the district academic calendar;

  • As appropriate, serve as an advisory team to the superintendent

Participation in MAST

All meetings are open to the public. We encourage parents and members of our community to join us. If you would like to attend a committee meeting, please contact the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction. If you would like to join a campus based-site team, please contact your campus principal.

MAST Membership:

Selected Professional Staff

  • 2/3 - Classroom teachers

  • 1/3 - Campus/District Level Professional Staff

Additional Members by Board Policy

  • Parents

  • Community Members

  • Business Representatives

2021-2022 MAST Meeting Dates

The MAST meets approximately five times per school year with additional meetings as necessary. All meetings are on a Wednesday from 4:30 to 5:30.