Mrs. Stacy

Class overview

7th Grade Reading/ELA

*Grammar Practice

*Reading Literature

*Informational Text


6th & 7th Grade Math

*Numbers & Operations

*Algebraic Reasoning & Algebra

*Geometry & Measurement

*Data & Probability

6th Science

*Understanding Energy/Graphs

*Exploring Ecology

*Exploring Earth/Science & History

6th Grade Social Studies

*Tools of Geography

*Study major regions of the Western Hemisphere

ACE Remediation 6th & 7th Grade

*Practice math skills

*Practice reading skills

About me

I have spent the last 18 years in education. I have been an Elementary Paraprofessional, an Encumbrance clerk, Activity fund clerk, Administrative Assistant, Assistant Registrar, and the last 9 years- a classroom teacher. I enjoy my classes and love watching my students succeed.


Help students and parents help themselves by making resources easily accessible.

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