Game Day

Items needed for Game Time

The list below is what you need for Game Day:

  • String Bag or Backpack - Can only be "school" colors (Blue, Gray, Silver, White, Black); only the Under Armour logo can be shown.
  • Summer Uniform- Arrive at the HS wearing the Blue "Blue" Shirt and the Black "Blue" Shorts
  • Plain Black Crew Length Socks- plain black, no logos, up to your calves
  • Bleached White Gloves- make sure they are not stained.
  • Shako IN the Hat Box- Bring the Hat Box with your Shako in it.
  • Black Dinkles
  • All piercings must be studs (no rings or hoops)- Facial pieces MUST be flesh colored
  • WATER BOTTLE- Bring a big water bottle. You must stay hydrated
  • Instrument- make sure it is always in good working order. Don't settle.
  • Flip-folio and Lyre- Make sure all of your stand tunes are ready to go in your flip-folio

The Night Before

The night before GAME DAY is very crucial. You must make sure everything is prepared, clean, and set together (by the front door is a great idea) so you can just pick it up and GO and not forget anything (Go Bag). What should you do The Night Before:

  1. Make sure your Summer Uniform is CLEAN
  2. Make sure your Black Dinkles are CLEAN
  3. Make sure you have a clean pair of black crew length socks
  4. Make sure your Parka is clean and rolled up nicely
  5. Make sure your instrument is cleaned, oiled up and ready to go (woodwinds, make sure your have a solid reed ready, percussion fresh sticks)
  6. Make sure the WHITE of your Shako is clean and ready and in your HAT BOX (you are required to ALWAYS have your Shako in the hat box to and from school)
  7. Make sure your Gloves are WHITE (you should have bleached them on Thursday after school)
  8. Make sure your flip-folio is prepared for Friday (check the Weekly Flyer for the Stand Tunes list), make sure your LYRE is in your case or bag.
  9. Pack everything (including a water jug) in your string bag and set your bag and hat box by the front door
  10. Check the weather for Friday (so you know what to expect)
  11. And Lastly, Check BAND app calendar to see what time you are to arrive at school.

“Go bag”

Rehearsal During the School Day

We will always go outside and do a run through on Game Day. Be prepared to go outside with no music. We will run pregame and that night's show. You are expected to have all field music memorized. If you don't, are you really doing your part?

Away game and TRUCKIES

When Students arrive at MHS to prepare for an away game, the FIRST THING THEY MUST DO is take their instrument outside and place it on the sidewalk by the BLUE BUS. Please keep in mind the YOU are responsible for YOUR stuff. Do not ask or rely on anyone to get your instrument and harness out to the truck. If it is raining, we will put all instruments inside at the APR doors.


Every Rookie will be assigned at least 1 game to be a "Truckie". What is a Truckie? It is a student who will load and unload the Blue Bus. Everyone has done it, everyone will do it. Neglecting your one game task will result in sitting the next 3rd quarter.

Game Time

  1. Arrive (with all of your items in your string bag and hat box) to the Band Hall at the time stated in the Band app calendar (the "Doors Open" time, even if a Director is in the Band Hall, it does not mean the it will be open)
  2. For Away Games, go straight in and get only YOUR instrument and put it on the sidewalk
  3. Find YOUR Uniform bag, go to the proper changing area and change into your Uniform (remember, wear your Summer Uniform underneath!)
  4. When changing put all of your stuff you are not wearing in your Uniform Bag so nothing will get mixed up (and remember, leaving anything valuable in the changing area might get stolen)
  5. Once your Uniform is on, get your instrument (woodwinds may have to carry their cases based on the weather) and it's required parts
  6. Go out front of Kubuski and await further instructions

Football Games

Entering the Stadium and Pre-Game

  1. The band will assemble outside in parade block and proceed to perform the necessary warm-ups. Students will go to parade rest directly after.
  2. The drum major, band officers, and section leaders will inspect the band before departure for the stadium.
  3. The band will march to the stadium in block formation. Spectators should not be allowed to break ranks or files.
  4. The band will stop in front of the home stands to play the fight song then proceed to the band stands to set-up for pre-game.
  5. Extra equipment such as blankets, music, jackets should be carried into the stadium preferably in back packs or by parents.

Stadium seating

  1. Students are to sit in their instrument sections and constantly be ready to perform.
  2. Students will sit in “reverse order” i.e. High WW on the top row all the way to the percussion and basses on the ground level. The Auxiliary should be standing on the track or in front of the Band to ALWAYS be ready to perform a routine for every performance in the stands. This is required.
  3. Hats may be removed and placed with the top up. Gloves may be taken off as well. Coats are only permitted to be taken off if the Director gives the OK.
  4. Students will be allowed to stand and cheer for touchdowns. However, they should be ready to play the school song before and after the conversion. Cheer with the cheerleaders and avoid unorganized or section cheering.
  5. Non-band members (Civilians) or parents (parents cannot bring you a snack, that's what 3rd quarter is for) should never be allowed within the band section. Visiting band students or special guests are exceptions.
  6. Refreshments are not permitted in the stands except during the 3rd quarter break.
  7. Students will be allowed to go to the restroom during the game. However, no more than two students may be gone at one time.
  8. Student conduct should be professional throughout the time spent in the stadium. Individual playing, “noodling”, or beating of drums is not permitted. Students are not permitted to use cellphones nor any other electronic device during the game. Students should be attentive to the drum majors and directors and be ready to get the music up rapidly.
  9. Band members should treat other band directors and guests courteously. If something good cannot be said about the visiting band, don’t say anything!

Halftime and Post-Game

  1. Band members should file from the stands in an orderly manner. Running up and down stadium steps or seats should be avoided.
  2. The band should move quickly to form the proper line-up behind the stands to warm-up and tune.
  3. Once half-time begins, the band will move quickly into the end zone for their performance. The band will remain in the parade rest position until the drum majors whistle to command for attention.
  4. In the last few minutes of the fourth quarter, all band members are to check their area for trash and pick it up even if it is not yours, or we don’t leave. The band should then move quickly to form the proper line-up behind the stands.
  5. At the end of the game, the band will play the Alma Mater for the football team and then perform several musical selections for the entertainment of the crowd. If the team is victorious, all hats will be worn backwards.
  6. The band will march in formation to the band room. Students will be dismissed by sections at that time.
  7. Uniforms are to be taken off, hung properly, AND INSPECTED BY A CHAPERONE, then hung up in the closet. Uniforms are not to be taken off any earlier than this. STUDENTS WHO HANG THEIR UNIFORM WITHOUT INSPECTION WILL LOSE 3RD QUARTER.
  8. Any students needing a ride to and from the game should call a band officer or make arrangements at the final rehearsal before a performance.

3rd Quarter details- see below

Here are some factors other than musicianship that have a great bearing on a student’s participation in the band.

Obedience, Cleanliness, Courtesy, Honesty, Alertness, Effort, Self-control, Attitude, Dependability, Initiative

Remember: While in uniform you represent yourself, your family, your school, your band, your community, and your director.

Rules for Away Performances

Be Your Best

  • The basic band rules address all situations and will eliminate any problems. A few policies and reminders are needed in regards to band trips.

Show Respect

  • All school policies are in effect at all band functions including trips. Any problems will be referred to the administration as outlined in the policy. Band directors will enforce these policies at all band functions. No alcohol, controlled substances including tobacco are to be taken, bought or consumed. Public display of affection (PDA) is not acceptable.
  • All bus rules apply including no profanity, singing, chanting, horseplay or screaming. Any listening devices such as CD or MP3 players must be used with headphones on.
  • Wait to board the bus until told when and how. Be quiet and helpful during roll calls.
  • Remember that you are always representing the band and school.
  • You may take your jacket and Shako off on the bus, but you must have everything on AND zipped before you step off the bus (except snares and tenors)

Be Prepared

  • Do not bring unnecessary, expensive valuables on the trip. The band is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Buses will be assigned by your sign up sheet and no changes are to be made without the permission of the band director. Clean up your bus area.
  • All students must travel to and from performances on the bus. A student may leave only with their own parent or guardian with a written permission note given to the director. The parent or guardian must check in with the director or head chaperone when picking up the student.

Be on Time

  • Check the Band app calendar for times. Make sure and give yourself plenty of time to change into your uniform.
  • Make sure and take your instrument (make sure it is in a case) and put it out on the side walk for the Band truck.
  • PARENTS, please be at the HS after any performance to pick up your child. The Directors would like to go home after the performance and not wait with your child until you arrive.

3rd quarter policy!!!

3rd quarter is considered the "Free Time" for the band. However, it must be earned. Students must show through the week that they are living up to the expectations of the Band program. Passing your weekly memorization tests will earn your 3rd quarter time. The Home Band Boosters typically supply a snack and water or pop for both bands. You do not have to partake in this, but if you go anywhere, you go with a buddy. You MUST be back to our stands and ready to play with 2 minutes left in the 3rd quarter. If not, there will be consequences. Before those who earned 3rd quarter are dismissed, a Director will announce what song we will be performing at the end of the 3rd.

Home Game

      • Students are free to go wherever (with a buddy of course) but EVERYONE MUST BE BACK READY TO PLAY WITH 2 MINUTES LEFT IN THE 3RD QUARTER.
      • The Home Band will make a tunnel to the band barn to cheer on the Visiting Band.
      • ALL Members of the Visiting Band will get a 3rd quarter snack first.
      • You will always stay in full uniform unless a Director says otherwise.

Away Game

      • The Home Band will make a tunnel for us.
      • We get to run through and hi-five everyone.
      • We get the snacks first!
      • If you go anywhere, you go with a buddy.
      • You will always stay in full uniform unless a Director says otherwise.

After the Game

Away Games

After students have loaded the truck and we are on our way home, students will call their parents for rides home. Parents need to be in the parking lot waiting for their child when our buses arrive home from the game.

After each game students will change back in to their street clothes and proceed to a parent volunteer to have their uniform inspected. It must be hung CORRECTLY or else you will be sent away to fix it. Students that skip this step will lose their 3rd quarter privileges.