Sunday Club/Creche

We welcome families with very young children to our Sunday services. We have an informal creche facility for those youngsters from birth up to 3 or 4 years old. There is a corner in the Church where young children can draw or do craft work whilst close to their parents, or they can go downstairs to the Garden Lounge where there is a wide range of toys and books of all ages. Parents are welcome to pop up and down as required during the Service.

For young children who are too old for the creche, we operate a Sunday Club (formerly called Sunday School). This is not running every Sunday at the moment as it depends on how many youngsters are available each week, so if you are interested please contact the Church Office and we'll make sure there is someone there to run the Club.

Children at Sunday Club have an opportunity to learn the stories in the Bible in a relaxed and fun way - with craft, drawing and painting all part of the mix. We encourage them to occasionally take part in Sunday worship, usually along with YCIA, and the youngsters love that.