Overseas and Charity Work

We support a range of local, national and international charities.

The Church:

· Supports and funds young persons in Dr Graham’s Homes in India

· Takes part in Christian Aid week

· Supports the work of The Vine Trust (Medical) Charity, with members of the Congregation having assisted at their overseas locations.

· Has a partnership with Nkolokoti Church in Malawi

· Organises Bread and Cheese lunches and a Café Church.

· Supports Operation Christmas Child with boxes of items

· Distributes newsletters, brochures and reports on world church activities

· Integrates video material showing the work of active charities into morning services

· Makes regular collections for local food-banks

· Organises special fundraising events for local and national charities.

The Overseas Committee disburses funds raised annually at series of spring and autumn Bread and Cheese Lunches to a number of aid organisations and charitable agencies including (in 2018) Dr Graham’s Homes, the Scottish Bible Society, the Vine Trust, Tear Fund, Cam Fed International, Lepra, Mary’s Meals and Nkolokoti Church in Malawi with which we have a partner relationship and close links.

The Overseas Committee met on 28th January and approved the disbursement of monies for the year. We received £1060 from the Bread and Cheese Lunches and combined with various bequests and other funds there was a total of £2702.70 to distribute to our chosen charities. Before the end of December we had already donated £100 to the Indonesia Tsumani Appeal and £750 to Dr Graham’s Homes towards Sharon’s school fees. This left £1852.70. We agreed to disburse the available money as follows:

Nkolokoti Church £500 (£400 + donation of £100)

The Vine Trust £300

TearFund Scotland £200

Camfed International £200

Lepra £200

*Scottish Bible Society £200

Total £1600 leaving £252.70 money in hand.

*We requested that the money to SBS be used to provide 5 Proclaimer Audio Bibles for Uganda. People there are desperate to hear God’s Word in their own languages.