Orders of service

Our current Video Service may be viewed on our Home Page .

Previous Video Services can be viewed in the "Joint Video Services".

16th February folded.pdf
9th February folded.pdf
2nd February folded.pdf
19th January folded.pdf
12th January folded.pdf
24th and 25th December.pdf
15th December folded (5).pdf
1st December folded.pdf
24th November folded.pdf
17th November folded.pdf
10th November folded.pdf
27th October folded (2).pdf
20th October folded (2).pdf
13th October folded.pdf
6th October folded.pdf
29th September folded.pdf
22nd September folded.pdf
11th August folded.pdf
4th August folded.pdf
28th July folded.pdf
16th June folded.pdf
9th June folded.pdf
26th May folded.pdf
19th May folded (1).doc
12th May folded.pdf
5th May folded.pdf
28th April folded.pdf