Holy Communion

Holy Communion, or the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, is one of the key Sacraments of the Church of Scotland. We hold three "Full" Communion Services every year - generally in March, June and October, where Communion is celebrated as part of the full morning service of worship. In most of the other months we usually have a short informal celebration of Communion after the morning service for those who wish to remain behind.

We also celebrate Communion on Maundy Thursday and Advent. You will find the dates for Holy Communion on our Church Calendar. Visitors are very welcome to join us at any of these times, and we also welcome children who have been baptised and who understand the meaning of the sacrament - you will find a useful resource about children and Communion on the Church of Scotland web site.

The bread we serve is gluten free, and the wine is alcohol free so that our celebration can be as inclusive as possible.

If you would like to take Communion at home, perhaps because you are ill or you cannot leave someone who depends on you for their care, please contact the Church Office.