Ongoing work

Ongoing projects (during 2019)

in the Bible Garden

QR Codes” and the Midstocket Bible Garden

Normally when you visit a formal garden, you will see a small notice beside each plant giving you its popular name – and sometimes its formal botanical name. However, for our Midstocket Bible Garden we need more information. In addition to the name of the plant, we want to show where it appears in the Bible, why it appears there and what the story is about.

This is far too much information to put on a plant name tag. To give you the whole story about the plant, we are experimenting with QR codes. “QR” stands for “Quick Response”.

You will almost certainly have seen them around on a range of items including on packaging and on notices on buildings. On our plant name tags, we will put QR codes.

Herb Garden

Plans for the herb garden are well developed. A location has been identified and planting will take place over the Summer.

Autumn Planting

The planting of crocus and daffodil bulbs is scheduled for September/October

Design of recreational areas

A major consideration was that the garden be made available to all and that the Church grounds be made accessible. A key element of this objective is to provide areas for quiet contemplation in the heart of the community. Planning is under way.