Bible Garden

“Let’s build a Bible Garden at Midstocket Church”

Where did the idea come from?

The suggestion for a Bible Garden at Midstocket Church arose in 2016. The aim is:

· To have a special and interesting facility in our community

· To make our Church grounds more accessible.

· To have a garden that help us to develop our understanding of the stories of the Bible.

· To provide a small area for quiet contemplation in the heart of the community

· To extend our links with schools, young people and youth groups.

Are there other Bible Gardens around?

Very few. The best known are the Bible Museum in Washington USA and the Neot Kedumim Biblical Nature Park in Jerusalem. In the UK there is one in Scotland (at Elgin) and there are a few at churches in England.

Would the plants referred to in the Bible grow here?

You might be surprised. Although there are some unusual species that are particular to Palestine and the Middle East, gardeners have identified a number of plant types that are well known to us in Scotland, and many that would thrive in Aberdeen. They include the following well-known plants: tulip, crocus, thistle, fennel, lily, anemone, willow, sage, poppy, rose, myrtle, chrysanthemum and mint.

What could we do in space we have?

We already have some garden areas and containers with plants. Some of them are ‘Bible plants’. We don’t need to rip up all our garden areas and start from scratch.

The project will be to transform what we have into a Bible Garden over a period of time.

What are we doing just now?

Some basic background research work has already been done. We are now planning an event to bring together people who have an interest in the project. We will organise a “discussion time”, probably an evening in April/May when the evenings are lighter, to bring together those interested in talking about the project and all potential stakeholders (including young people). This meeting would give individuals the opportunity to put forward ideas and suggestions.

Watch this space.