Bread and Cheese Lunches

"Bread and Cheese Lunches" are traditional social occasions open to members of the congregation, their friends and families and visitors.

Children and young adults are particularly welcome.

The Lunches are held in the Garden Room on the four Saturdays running up to Easter and on four Saturdays in the Autumn.

The income from the Lunches goes towards the overseas charity work of the Church.

The Saturday Spring Lunches start on 9th March and continue until Saturday 30th March. Lunches are served in the Garden Lounge. Pop in anytime between 12 noon and 2pm. The cost is £4 for Adults and £2.50 for school children. Gluten free bread will be available. We look forward to serving our loyal and hopefully some new “diners”. Your support is much appreciated and proceeds are for the Overseas Work of the Church.

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