Bread and Cheese Lunches

"Bread and Cheese Lunches" are traditional social occasions open to members of the congregation, their friends and families and visitors.

Children and young adults are particularly welcome.

The Lunches are held in the Garden Room on the four Saturdays running up to Easter and on four Saturdays in the Autumn.

The income from the Lunches goes towards the overseas charity work of the Church.

Bread and Cheese Lunches 2021

We have been amazed by the response to our hot drink fundraiser for the month of October. It has indeed exceeded all our expectations. The total sum raised was £715 and we hope to collect Gift Aid from some of the donations. We are very grateful for your generosity. Thank you so much.

Edna Findlay & Pat Whyte

Bread and Cheese Lunches 2019

The committee thank all who supported the Autumn series of Bread and Cheese lunches. Whether you came along to the lunches or gave a donation, we cleared £558. The combined total for the Spring and Autumn lunches came to £1202, which is up from last year. We also thank our volunteer helpers. Without them we could not function. The proceeds are for the Overseas Work of our church.

The Spring Series of Lunches raised the tremendous sum of £645.47. Thank you to all who supported the lunches or gave a donation. We also thank our volunteers. Your help is much appreciated.