Events 2020

Although we are unable to hold concerts in the Church at the moment, we have put together a festive "virtual" concert for you to enjoy this year. With our grateful thanks to all the performers who contributed to this concert:

Hark the Herald Angels Sing – Albyn School

The Coventry Carol – Gareth John & Natalia Naismith, Aberdeen Chamber Orchestra (ACO)

In the Bleak Mid Winter – Aden Mazur, ACO

Walking in the Air – Aden Mazur, Jean Fletcher & Gareth John, ACO

Away in a Manger – Erin Smith

O Little Town of Bethlehem – Erin Smith

O Come All Ye Faithful – Albyn School

We Wish You a Merry Christmas – St Margaret’s School

Christingle Family Service held on Christmas Eve

Due to the current restrictions the service was held via Zoom. Both parents and children had great fun making their Christingle decorations as our Minister, Tanya, explained the meaning behind each item on the orange.

“Lockdown Nativity”

This is a recording of the Midstocket Parish Church Service on Sunday 20th December. We have a beautiful piano recital of "The Angel's Carol" with the words for you to sing along to at home. This is followed by a performance of a “Lockdown Nativity” based on a script by Ian Olliver and in true lockdown fashion, this was recorded over Zoom and we are sure you will love the different "take" on the nativity story! We also have an impressive organ and piano duet and recorded greetings from the youngsters and teachers at St Margaret’s School. Finally, we've topped and tailed the recording with Hark the Herald Angels Sing and Away in a Manger. We hope you enjoy worshiping with us and remember - we're not allowed to sing in Church at the moment, but you can certainly sing at home!

We sang along with a different Christmas Carol every day from 14th December to 19th December 2020 and then we joined online in the mini Christmas Carol Songs of Praise Service on Sunday 20th December in the afternoon.

Reverse Advent Calendar

During December for our Reverse Advent Calendar we collected produce for the Charity Instant Neighbour.

Bon-Accord Silver Band's Christmas Concert and Carol Sing-a-long

We were happy to joined to Bon-Accord Silver Band's Christmas Concert and Carol Sing-a-long - two events went live on the band's YouTube channel on Sunday 13th December.

Gift Service

Advent Café Church on Zoom 2020

Advent Café Church on Friday 4th December from 10am on Zoom we had a lovely time with everyone. We have made easy paper Christmas and we enjoyed own tea/coffee and mince pies while we got creative. Thank you everyone for joining us.

Virtual Carol Concert

Virtual Carol Concert was held on 3rd December at 7.30pm in aid of Maggie’s Centre.

The concert carols brought us together (remotely) and lighted up our laptops. We had a line-up of amazing musicians and singers and we heard readings from some well-known faces.

Remembrance Service

Summer Song of Praise.pdf

We sang along with a different hymn every day from 15th June to 20th June 2020 and then we joined online in the mini Songs of Praise Service on Sunday 21st June in the afternoon.

Book Group on Zoom

Book Group.pdf

Family Fun, Easter Crafts and Hot Cross Buns

Here we have some photos of Easter crafts made at home with children!

Visit from Mile End School

We had a lovely visit from Mile End School. Pupils enjoyed an alphabet treasure hunt.

Aberdeen Chamber Orchestra

Led by their conductor, Gareth John, the Orchestra entertained us with Dvorak's "New World Symphony". In addition we enjoyed music by Moross, Nicolai, Rossini and Borodin.

Music @ Midstocket

On Saturday 1st February: Music @ Midstocket in the Sanctuary at 3pm. Flute Quartet: Christine Arant (flute), Aden Mazur (violin), Jean Fletcher (viola), Hilary Fielding (cello) entertained us. Proceeds were donated to Music @ Midstocket Music Fund.

Pancake Cafe Church

On Tuesday 25th February we held Pancake Cafe Church in the Garden Lounge on Shrove Tuesday . Everyone enjoyed a good time of fellowship.

Thinking Day and Baptism

Sunday 23rd February 2020

The theme for Thinking Day 2020 is Diversity, Equality and Inclusion, in other words respecting others for who they are, regardless of race, nationality, religion, age, ability, appearance, gender, identity or experience.

This year the Brownies and Rainbows joined the service during which they made Baptingles. Baptingles use an apple to tell the story of baptism and show how diversity, equality and inclusion are part of God’s message to us. An apple symbolises the whole world and a blue ribbon round it represents the water of baptism. A jelly baby represents the baptism, dolly mixtures show that people come in all shapes and sizes and colours, a heart lollipop illustrates God’s love for everyone and lastly a sticker with a flame drawn on it reflects a candle, reminding us that Jesus was the light of the world. Our Minister, Tanya, baptised her niece during the service which made it all the more meaningful.

Annual Presbytery Service

at High Hilton Church on 7th February 2020

The preacher was the Moderator of the General Assembly, the Right Rev. Colin Sinclair. At this service, he presented long service certificates to elders. Dr Campbell Murray was presented with a certificate for 60 years’ service and Mrs Edna Findlay, Miss Annabelle Fraser and Mrs Susan Mutch received certificates for 30 years’ service.

More 'photos can be seen on Facebook .

Burns Lunch

Men's Group

In January, we welcomed David Northcroft as a speaker. Over the past 16 years, David has completed an substantial compilation of oral history, having carried out over 600 in-depth interviews and compiled four volumes of recorded narrative from every strand of society. His final work, “Aberdeen Lives 2: War and Peace.” has recently been published. It is based on the recorded reminiscences of some 140 witnesses, with both combat and Home Front recollections of the Second World War as well as accounts of school, community and family life.

The Guild Party

It was a stormy night but this did not deter members of the Guild from coming to the annual party. As usual the Committee had a range of games and stories to entertain us. Joyce organised a new game where she gave us the letters for the word 'celebration'. After she gave us a clue, we had to find an appropriate word from the letters in 'celebration'. Much deliberation was needed. Edna and Doreen entertained us with short stories amid much hilarity. A wonderful buffet supper was then enjoyed by everyone. Thank you to the Committee for giving us such an enjoyable evening.