Welcome to Midstocket Parish Church in Aberdeen, Scotland. We are a large, enthusiastic and energetic congregation, engaged on a range of activities with our community as you will see if you browse our web site. See What's On, News, In the Community, Worship and Exploring Faith, Life Events, and About Us

At the moment we are in vacancy as our minister recently moved to another charge, but we have a good team, a locum minister in place, and everything is "business as usual" until we find a new minister.

Our Sunday services are held at 10.30am after which tea, coffee and other refreshments are served. Have a look at "What's On" to see what else is happening in the Church, and check out some of the highlighted events below which are coming up soon.

Please do come along and join us - you can be assured of a very warm welcome!

Christian Aid has a vision of an end to poverty. Across Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America and the Caribbean, we work with local partners to bring lasting change for people living in poverty, regardless of their faith, gender or race.

Following the Building Redevelopment Project, the Rev John Chalmers, Moderator of the Church of Scotland visited us and planted a willow tree as part of the rededication service. In that service, he encouraged us to use our redeveloped space for the community. The Kirk Session took up this challenge in 2016 when it included in its 5-year plan, creation of a Bible Garden.

Recently we have been in discussion with Jim McColl of BBC TV’s Beechgrove Garden programmes. Jim has recently retired and wants to be involved with our garden project. This is excellent news. We could not have a better advisor on our team.

The proposal is that we create a unique and special facility, a space open to the community, a space for quiet meditation. It would be facility that would

allow us to learn about plants and their stories in the Bible and give Midstocket Church opportunities to work with young people.

Our initial research indicates that although there are a number of unusual species that are particular to Palestine and the Middle East, there are many plant types that would thrive in Aberdeen. For example, the Redeemer’s Bible Garden in Michigan in the USA lists the following well-known plants:

Tulips Crocus Thistle Fennel

Lily Anemone Lily of the Valley Apple

Juniper Sage Poppy Rose

Myrtle Narcissus Mint Coriander

An evening with Jim McColl to discuss the Garden project is scheduled for Tuesday 14th May. The evening will be spent on a discussion of ideas for the garden spaces and what plants and shrubs there should be in the various spaces.

This is community project so do come and join us at 7pm in the Garden Lounge.


Our Youth Ministry Leader, Jay Thomas, has produced a newsletter updating the congregations participating in the Youth Ministry project on the work of the youth project. Please have a read through it for details of the work that is going on.

Thrive newsletter 1.pdf

Upcoming Highlights

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Saturday 18th May

Thursday 13th June

Orders of Service and Magazine

The order of service for Sunday 19th May 2019 is below. The current copy of magazine can be seen below.

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