Healthy Roster

For Healthy Roster help please email

For enrollment help email

In order to enroll your child in this service the athletic training department needs the name of the student, the birth date of the student, High School graduation year, the name of the parent/guardian, and a valid email address from the parent/guardian. Please email with this information.

You will then receive an invitation to join Healthy Roster. The invite will come from a Healthy Roster email address. Please be aware that it may take a few days for us to get your student registered.

Once you accept the invitation to join, you will have access to your child's health information via or by using the App, available for iOS and Android devices.

Click the link below for online videos of how to register:

Online walkthrough for Healthy Roster Registration

If your physical expires mid-season you do not need another one until the next athletic season begins. You will not lose your clearance to participate mid-season. Any alerts you get are to prepare for future athletic seasons.

Healthy Roster will remind you and tell you that your physical is expired but if you were cleared to start the season you will remain cleared. Please take the extra time after the notification to schedule your appointment early so you do not have to pay out of pocket at urgent care for a last minute exam. Remember to upload it right after you complete it.

You can find blank physical forms to take to the doctor on the resources page on healthy roster, on this website under athletic forms, and in the athletic training room and the nurses office. Please don't forget them as they are required by the State of NJ.

Quick Directions for completing health history update

A new health history update is required for every athletic season. To complete a new one: go to documents, hit the + in the upper right corner, choose health history update from the drop down menu and fill it out.

Below is a link to healthy rosters document completion instructions:

Document completion instructions


When uploading a physical please use the scan document with camera option. This will allow you to take a bunch of pictures and upload them all at once. It does NOT require a scanner, just your phone camera.

Every school year (beginning June 1 for fall sports) you must complete the following forms online in healthy roster:

  1. Emergency/Insurance Form

  2. Athlete/Parent Sign Off Form

  3. Opioid Form

Every Calendar year you must complete and upload to healthy roster:


Every SEASON you must complete online in healthy roster:

  1. Health History Update

Every two years you must complete and upload to healthy roster:

  1. Impact test- must be done on impact website. Instructions can be found in resource library of healthy roster.

Check below for step by step directions on completing paperwork online

Some of the paperwork you complete needs to be reviewed by the athletic trainer, school nurse and school doctor. If you finish a form and it still looks incomplete it may just need to be reviewed.

Please make sure that when two signatures are required, you complete them both.

To complete paperwork online on Healthy Roster:

LInk to healthy roster document completion instructions or use the instructions below:

1. Log in on app on phone or computer - IMPORTANT: Make sure you have the most current version of the app installed. (The whole process is easier on the computer) is the website.

2. Choose your student’s name/account

3. Click on documents tab

4. Click on the document you are missing or the plus sign in the upper right corner. (Missing documents will have a blue question mark icon)

5. Complete the document online. Information on signing below or healthy roster's signing instruction page:

    • To sign the document: Put your name and (if a document needs two signatures), whether your are signing as parent or student. Click sign.

    • When shown the document scroll down and click the arrow on where you want your signature to be placed.

    • Click done signing. Or continue to review document.

    • When signing a second time for a student: you can either send it to the student's email or have them sign it in your account.

        • Send an email to your student, or yourself, that you can then access and sign like the directions above.

        • Go back into the document after leaving it and choose sign document again. Choose sign as student and /or change your name to the student's name and then follow the directions above. If doing this on the app you must completely log out and then log back in again to sign as the student.

6. If you miss this step you can return to the document on the computer and have a student complete it by hitting the 3 dots on the end of the document page and requesting their signature. (see below)

Or you can click on the document again in the app, it will be under a section titled awaiting signature, and ask to sign as a student. (Make sure you have updated the app! The problem with signatures was just fixed. If you have problems please log in on the computer.)

7. Once the student signature is complete you will be asked to complete the permissions section. You, the coach, the nurse, and the athletic trainer will be the ONLY ones who can see the files. If you would like the physical to be private from the coach, you can customize it so only the nurse and the athletic trainer can see it.

8. Click update permissions and your paperwork is complete.

That's it. The screen should come up showing your students file with the documents complete. Some documents will need to be reviewed by the nurse or athletic trainer to be complete. These will show up with a yellow page icon. Once they are reviewed the icon will disappear.

See below for uploading paperwork information.

Make sure you have signed all the forms, and you have sent an email for your student athlete to sign.

Many forms are getting stopped at student signatures. Remind your student athlete that you have sent them an email so they can sign.

Signatures on the App: example

You will see in the documents section different sections of forms.

Missing -You have not completed at all

Awaiting Signature - You can click directly on it to sign it as you or to have your student sign it.

Uploaded Documents - Completed. They will show a date when they expire as well so you can look up Physical and Impact expiration dates.

None of this will work unless you have the most updated version of the app.

The update before this last update messed with the signature option. If you find it won't work please try updating it first.

Signing a Document

Here is a video to help you sign a document AND to help you send the document to your student athlete to sign.

To upload your student’s paperwork into Healthy Roster:

1. Log in on phone

2. Choose your student’s name/account

3. Click on Documents tab

4. Click on the plus sign in the upper right corner or directly on the missing document.

5. From drop down menu choose which document you are want to upload (e.g.: Form NJ State Athletic Physical) and click next. If it won't let you choose then just choose other.

6. Click on the box with arrow symbol on the top right corner.

7. Choose the file you wish to upload by browsing for it in your computer or you can use scan document wih camera to upload all your pages at once by taking pictures of each page. YOU DO NOT NEED A SCANNER -choosing scan document just allows you to take more than one picture at a time.

PRO Tip - If you are completing a document with more than one page, you can upload them all at one time with the scan document with camera option. This will allow you to take more than one picture to upload. Do not choose the take photo option.

a. Files can be: .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .csv, .ppt, .pptx, .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif

8. Click Next

9. It will then ask for permissions on who can see the file. You, the coach, the nurse, and the athletic trainer will be the ONLY ones who can see the files. If you would like the physical to be private from the coach, you can customize it so only the nurse and the athletic trainer can see it.

10. Click update permissions

That’s it. The screen should come up showing your students file with the documents uploaded.

The athletic trainer will get notified that you have uploaded paperwork. If you are unsure if you completed it properly send an email to the athletic trainer at to make sure it is processed.

When adding a new impact test please use the sheet on the left, or take a picture of the confirmation page online. You will get these after you have completed the test online. Make sure it has your name and the date on it. Then upload it to healthy roster under impact test.

Middle school parents, the impact testing is done at school with the team so this will be completed for you. Middle school students will not need an impact test to try out for a sport.

ImPact at home testing information can be found in the resource library of healthy roster.

Check out the Healthy Roster Training Camp below for videos on how to use Healthy Roster! Go to Healthy Rosters You Tube page for many more videos on how to complete paperwork online!