Weekly Calendar

This page is first semester only.

To find out what we do in class, check out this page. It is especially useful to determine when points are earned that affect grades. The most recent week is posted on top. (There are two chemistry classes...C1A and make sure you are reading for the correct class.)

Week 17, December 17 - 21, 2018

Chem 1A

Finals on Tuesday, 12/18

(see Friday, 12/14 to find the description for final test)

Week 16, December 10 - 14, 2018

Chem 1A

Monday, 12/10

Today Ms. Martin is your substitute teacher.

1. We will review the homework, NB 67 (HW) Chapter 4 Review Pages 121 - 125 on Wednesday

2. NB68 Figures of Ch 5 Sec 1

      • Copy Figures 5-2 (page 129), Figure 5-4 (page 130), and Figure 5-4 (page 131), and Figure 5-6 (page 132). You may shorten the text, but include all key points.
      • Explain or copy what Table 5.1 shows (page 131). Repeat for Table 5.2 (page 132)

3. Read Chapter 5 section 1 and explain to someone else in the class what it is about.

4. HOMEWORK: Nothing new. Review and make sure your notebook is ready to turn in Wednesday.

5. Watch the ten minute video on electron orbitals. This is a preview to what is coming up. Access the video via the Multimedia page of this website.

Wednesday, 12/12

1. Rest of semester plan

    • Friday clean up day (see below) and last class day before Finals next week
    • On finals day will be the test on chapter 4 and chapter 5 section 1
    • If you want to retake the test from right before Thanksgiving, you may do so on that day, after you take the assigned test
    • you must turn in your notebook for grading today or Friday. There is a new rubric for grading

2.Discussion of Ch 5 section 1 key points, where it leads, and then NB 69 "Balloon" Orbitals activity (+2 participation)

3. Evaluate and turn in NB today or Friday

4. HW: Be able to orally discuss the electron orbital aspect of the quantum mechanics model of the atom

Friday, 12/14

1. See how well you did your homework...discuss the electron orbital aspect of quantum mechanics model of the atom.

    • Discuss what you need to know from section 1 of chapter 5
        • Bold print terms and concepts
        • The ladder analogy of the Bohr model
        • How the Bohr is similar and different from the quantum mechanical model of the atom
        • The different orbital letters and shapes
        • That s has one orbital (2 electrons), p has three orbitals (6 electrons, d has five orbitals (10 electrons)
        • NOT first two columns of Table 5.1 and NOT Table 5.2

2. So, remember all of chapter 4 and section 1 of chapter 5 (notebook entries 61 - 69 and related homework) are on the chemistry test on Finals day. Worth 30 points. Most, and possibly all, will be multiple choice. But beware of multiple choice! (no partial credit!!)

2. Correct NB67

3. Get test back and correct.

4. NB70 PT Color Coded PT by Electron Orbital Sublevel Filling (to begin next semester's study!)

5. Turn in NB today or day of final.

6. (HW) Quiz yourself on topics from notebook 61 - 69 and textbook chapters 4 (all sections, with emphasis of what we studied) and 5 (section 1 only)

Week 15, December 3 - 7, 2018

Chem 1A

Tuesday, 12/4

1. Check and correct NB65 HW Isotope Practice

2. Get Chromebook and NB66 Isotopes Used By Humans

  • Read about different isotopes. Pick four that interest you and for each one do the following:
      • Name
      • Include subatomic info in a drawing (you might have to figure that one out if the atom is not shown)
      • Interesting information about the isotope such as
          • half-life (this is just a number)
          • uses (go into detail here)
          • other ?
      • do something creative to represent the isotope. You pick
          • a labeled drawing of it being used in action
          • your thoughts about the isotope
          • a poem of the isotope
          • other ?

3. HOMEWORK: Create a short video about isotopes. In the video compare how two isotopes of the same element are similar and different. Include

        • a visual
        • terms: isotope, atomic number, proton number, neutron number, mass number
        • extra: half life, uses

Thursday, 12/6

1. Share homework videos!

2. As a group..whiteboard +2....

    • Isotope Half-Life...Simulating Radioactive Decay
    • First two steps of homework

3. Class time or this long homework assignment:

(Homework): NB67 Chapter 4 Review Pages 121 - 125.

    • Review Key Concepts p 121
    • Create concept map of terms in green ovals on p 121
    • Questions 51, 52, 58, 60, 65, 72, and 1 - 6 on page 125 (just put letter of answer)

Week 14, November 26 - 30, 2018

(November 19 - 23, Thanksgiving Break)

Chemistry 1A

Monday, 11/26

1. Plan since we just lost a week of school. No cumulative final. We will have a regular test on finals day (we will have small quizzes along the way) and then listen to science fiction stories from the Martian Chronicles. Also, the notebook will now be collected and graded the week before finals. Why? We need to spend as much time before the end of the semester learning and not studying the past.

2. Introduction to Atoms, Chapter 4

PLAY DAY. Tie all activities to the atom.

1. Mystery Boxes

2. Electricity, Electromagnetism, Eddy Currents

3. Skim and discuss Chapter 4 as an introduction (pages 100 - 121)


NB 61 Chapter 4 Atomic Structure Vocab (access the handout as a link from the Table of Contents)

Wednesday, 11/28

1. Check HW NB61 (+2)

2. Google Slides on the vocab... find out how well you learned the NB61 Chapter 4 Atomic Structure Vocab. Absent students should do for practice. Find the Slides on the Multimedia link. (Step 2 & 3 = +2)

3. Get a Chromebook and do the atom simulation filling out the problems for NB62 Phet Build an Atom (handout accessible via the notebook Table of Contents)

4. HOMEWORK: NB63 Questions 39 - 41, 48 & 50 on Text Page 122

Friday, November 30

+3 Participation Points (for PP)

1. Check homework answers.

2. Activity: Create that Atom (+PP)

3. Isotope Slide, discuss, no notes. (+PP)

4. NB#64 Isotopes Notes

5. Video: What are Radioactive Isotopes?

6. Homework:NB (HO) Isotope Practice

ABSENT: Find the slide share and video on the multimedia link of this website. Either write a brief summary or tell Mrs. Kelly what they were about. You will need to make up the activity in the classroom.

Week 13, November 13 - 16 (12th is Veteran's Day)

Chemistry 1A

Tuesday, 11/13

Okay, this school day was cancelled due to poor air quality.

Thursday, 11/15

This day was also cancelled due to poor air quality.

Week 12. November 5 - 9

Chemistry 1A

Tuesday, 11/6

1. Check and Correct NB59

2. Quick Check Oral Review

3. NB60 Mini-Challenges for Review


  • Be ready for Test Chapter 10 (Notebook 34 to present) on Thursday
  • All notebook entries must be completed by test day. (Notebook will not be submitted, however, until Monday)

Thursday, 11/8

1. Test on Chapter 10 (NB34 - 59)

Week 11. October 29 - November 2, 2018

Chemistry 1A

Tuesday, 10/29 (minimum day)

1. Check and correct NB55 (HW) PP36b & 37 Page 310

2. NB56 Determining Molecular Formulas

      • Notes via Google Slides (see the Multimedia link to watch it on your own)

3. (WILL DO FRIDAY) NB 57 Challenge: What is the Substance in the Bag?

4. HOMEWORK: NB58 (HW) STP Page 319

      • Copy question and the ONE correct answer
      • Show your work for problems, in order to receive full credit


  • Know a Chapter 10 Review will be done on Friday. They will entail specific questions from page 315 - 317.

Friday, 11/2 (no school on Thursday)

1. Homework Check (correct at end of class).

2. NB 57 Challenge: What is the Substance in the Bag?

3. Video & image on Mass Spectrometry and Determining Molecular Mass (Molar Mass)

        • see Multimedia link

4. Work on Homework: NB44 Ch 10 Review (NB 34 - 59)

Chapter 10 test next week, Thursday

Week 10, October 22 - 26

Chemistry 1A

Monday, 10/22

1. Movie with substitute teacher Ms. Martin. Main facts and then 4 -7 sentence summary (with a topic sentence). If absent, see Mrs. Kelly to watch the episode at lunch.

Wednesday, 10/24

1. NB51 % Composition Notes

  • absent students, see the Slides presentation on the Multimedia link. That is what you take notes of.

2. A lab, NB#52 % Composition of a Hydrogen Peroxide Sample

3. HOMEWORK: NB#53 (HW)Practice Problems 32 through 35, Pages 306 & 307

Friday, 10/26

1. Correct NB53 (+2 for completion)

2. NB54 Empirical v Molecular Formulas...Notes from Google Slides presentation. Absent students: Find the Slides on the Multimedia link of this website and take notes.

3. Activity: Molecular & Empirical Formulas for Structures (+2)

4. HOMEWORK: NB55 (HW) PP36b & 37 Page 310

Week 9, October 15 -19

Chemistry 1A

Tuesday, 10/16

1. NB#47 Quick Check, 10/16

2. NB#48 How Much Nitrogen and Oxygen in an Air Filled Balloon?

4. Challenge: Classroom Air (+2)

Part I: Come up with three ways you could measure the volume of the air in the classroom. For each method think of the pros and cons of using it for accuracy and reality.

Part II: Describe how you could determine the number of gas particles in the room.

5. HOMEWORK: Because of the extra A day, no homework so B chemistry can catch up!

Thursday, 10/18

1. NB#50 Percent Composition of Water in Two Hydrates

2. NB#51 Percent Composition Notes

NOTE: Most of this week's work will be evaluated in the second quarter and not be included in your first quarter grade.

NEXT WEEK: Monday you have a sub. Wednesday and Friday we finish Percent composition, and then we begin review of Chapter 10 Chemical Quantities for an upcoming test (the following week). As part of review, we will watch and discuss the video Molar Volume of Gas | The Chemistry Journey | The Fuse School (access via the multimedia link of this website), do Text 290 -296, and certain other text pages that relate to percent composition.

Week 8, October 8 - 12, 2018

Chemistry 1A

Monday, 10/8

1. Finish NB42 Sink of Water Challenge (finish on whiteboard, share with class, add to notebook, add a summary of steps in paragraph form)

2. NB43 Math Handbook Scientific Notation

      • notes and R58 #7 - 10

3. HOMEWORK: Go to the night rally! (and catch-up if behind)

Wednesday, 10/10

1. Correct NB43

2. NB44 Dimensional Analysis Lab Rotation

Friday, 10/12

1. Discuss NB44

2. NB 45 Quick Check, 10/12

3. Skim Chapter 10 Chemical Quantities Sections 1 & 2, pages 286 - 304

4. NB46 Challenge with Balloon Molar Volume

5. HOMEWORK: Go to the homecoming game and dance!!

Week 7, October 1 - 5


Tuesday, 10/2

1. Check (+2) and share NB39 (HW) Dimensional Analysis Video.

+2 Participation for #2 & #3

2. NB40 Show the Mass of a Mole

3. Video How Big is a Mole? (Absent students access the video on the Multimedia link of this web site)


  • NB41 (HW) Practice: Molar Mass & Dimensional Analysis
  • Be ready for quiz on Thursday (mole, molar mass, & dimensional analysis)

Thursday, 10/4

1. Quiz Mole, Molar Mass, & Dimensional Analysis

2. Sink of Water Challenge (+2)

3. HOMEWORK: None (Homecoming prep)

Week 6, September 24 - 28


Monday 9/24

+2 Quick Review & Whiteboard Activity

1. Quick Review (see below). Absent students must write down their response and discuss thoughts with Mrs. Kelly

Read predictions 1 & 2. What is misunderstood about physical and chemical changes?

Prediction #1

Chemical change involves a change in mass because if you lose weight, mass is lost.

Prediction #2

Physical change involves a change in mass, because if you cut your hair you lose mass.

2. Quizzes returned. Discuss answers

3. To practice sig figs and range of error:

    • density lab

Record results on your whiteboard. Correct other people's boards. Copy accurate data and calculations into your notebook as NB#32 Density of Steel Marbles: Practical Practice with Sig Figs.

4. HOMEWORK: NB#33 (HW) Sig Fig Practice

Wednesday, 9/26 (minimum day)

1. Check (+2) & Correct NB33 (HW) Sig Fig Practice

2. Begin NB#34 How Many?

3. NB#35 Scientific Notation Basics

4. Homework: NB#36 The Kelt Monster

Friday, 9/28

1. Check (+2) & discuss NB36 The Kelt Monster

2. Read & discuss text pages 80 - 86

3. NB#37 Audio: The Mole

4. NB38 The Mole & Molar Mass

5. Solve NB34 How Many?

6. (Skip for now: Add to NB16 as we are starting Unit 2!)

7. Begin HOMEWORK: NB39 (HW) Dimensional Analysis Video. There is a handout to describe this assignment. Access it as a link from the notebook table of contents. One component involves making a short video, so don't save this assignment for the last second

Week 5, September 17 - 21


Tuesday, 9/18

1. Quiz on Significant Figures (counting, rounding, and calculations)

2. Evaluate your notebook and turn in today, or latest on Thursday. (Use the handout provided.)

3. Create Appendix A of your notebook. Rules for Counting & Calculating with Sig Figs (Neat, organized, and helpful. Think of it as a cheat-cheat for the rules of sig figs, so you can access it when you are unsure what to round values to, etc.

4. HOMEWORK: Get ahead and read 3.3 Conversion Problems (text pages 80-86)

Thursday, 9/20

1. About quiz scores (you get them back next week)

2. Movie Mystery of Matter (Search for the Elements, PBS) Episode 1 Out of Thin Air. Take notes & write a summary. (Keep notes until the entire movie is completed.) To make up participation points watch the episode in Mrs. Kelly's classroom or find it online.

3. HOMEWORK: If not satisfied with your quiz score, study the rules for sig fig counting and calculating. (You should have put them in Appendix A of your notebook. If I have your notebook, use the textbook.)

Week 4, September 10 - 14


Monday, 9/10

1. Homework check for NB26 (HW) PE Voice Memo Script and share your voice memo with your table partner.

2. NB27 Percent Error for Volume Comparisons (+2 data collection participation)

3. HOMEWORK: Remind your parents/guardians about Back-to-School night this evening

Wednesday, 9/12

1. Discussion

  • review of accuracy and the dual meaning of precision
  • Sig fig counting game...figure out the rules. NB#28 Sig Fig Counting Rules Challenge

2. Go to the library and do NB#29 Significant Figures Website (link to the handout is on the notebook table of contents of this website)

3. (HOMEWORK) Finish and study topics in NB#28 & 29


Friday, 9/14

1. Quick Review of counting sig figs & intro to rounding

2. NB30 Calculating with Sig Fig (take the notes from the two videos accessible from the Multimedia link of this website)

3. Examples Volume and Side Perimeter to Correct Sig Fig (W. +2)

4. Class time to begin homework

  • Textbook pages 66 - 71
  • NB31 Sig Fig Website for Calculations

Week 3, September 4 - 7, Tuesday - Friday (9/3 is Labor Day)


Tuesday, 9/4

+3 Whiteboard

1. Homework check & discussion (NB#21 Mass Investigation Comparison)

2. Quick Models

  • States of Matter
  • Elements v. Atom v. Compounds
  • Heterogeneous v homogeneous mixture

3. NB#22 & 23 Quick Models

4. (Homework)

a. NB#24 Flow Chart Challenge

b. Study for Thursday's Quiz on Matter & Change, NB17-23 (topics in chapter 2 of the textbook)

Thursday, 9/6

1. Homework check and discussion (NB#24 Flow Chart Challenge)

2. Quick Review (Questions page 61 of text)

3. Quiz on Matter & Change (NB17 - 23, chapter 2)

4. NB#26 Boiling Water & Percent Error

5. (HOMEWORK) NB26 (HW) BP & PE Voice Memo Script

WEEK 2, August 27 - 31

Tuesday, 8/28

1. Lab Safety Quiz and Lab Equipment & Function Quiz

2. NB# 16 Unit 1: Introduction to Chemistry: Matter & Scientific Measurement

3. Begin NB#17 - 19: Investigating Mass & Changes in Matter (+2 Participation)

4. (Homework):

  • NB#20: List of Chapter 2 Terms, Pages 39 - 55 (as you review concepts, skimming through the text)

Thursday, 8/30

1. Homework check for NB20

2. Finish NB 17 - 19: Investigating Mass & Changes in Matter (+2 Participation for Data Collection)

3. Homework: NB21 HW Mass Investigation Comparison

Compare your results to your prediction AND to what you read about the law of conservation of mass on page 55 of the textbook. Explain reasons for similarities and/or differences.

WEEK 1, August 20 - 24

CHEM 1A Monday, Wednesday, & Friday

Monday, 8/20

1. Seating, introduction, & demonstration

2. NB 5 - 7: Chemistry Course Information

3. Set-up of notebook, specifically NB 1-7

4. NB 8 : Lab Equipment (+2 Participation)


      • Obtain a plastic covered notebook & other supplies
      • Learn names of lab equipment on NB 8

Wednesday, 8/22

1. Identify Lab Equipment

2. Update NB (through ten).

3. NB 9-10: Safety in the Chemistry Laboratory

4. Lab Safety Skits (+3 participation)


      • Review lab safety (quiz next week)

Friday, 8/24

Practice for NB 11 - 15 (+3 P)

1. NB 11 Lab Equipment Function

        • Obtain two sided handout and attach as a flip page, with far left side glued down. (The sheet may be accessed as a link via the Notebook page of this web site)
        • Set up equipment for the tasks identified in the Multimedia (link from this web site) document called Lab Equipment Drawing Groups
        • Draw the "models"
        • Make sure you know the function of all the equipment on the list

2. NB 12 - 15 Lab Skills

        • Practice the lab skills from this handout that are identified in class. (The handouts are only available in class.)
        • These four pages are important to learn, but will not be on the quiz. We will refer to them again as needed.


    • Study for Tuesday's Lab Safety & Equipment Quiz
    • Note: you need to recognize the lab equipment by both name and function