Multimedia Links

This page is for access to Google Slides presentations and links to videos and articles that will be used in class (and referred to on the Weekly Calendar.)

December 10 & 11

An informative video on isotopes.

Watched November 30 and December 3

See if this slides on isotopes makes sense. Watched November 30 & December 30.

Ch 4 Atomic Structure Vocab

Wednesday and Thursday, November 28 & 29. Check out how well you know the Chapter 4 vocab on the atom by doing this Google Slides.

Determining Molecular Formulas

Google Slides for NB#56

Presented October 30 (Tuesday) for C1A and October 31 (Wednesday) for C1B

Empirical v Molecular Formulas

Google Slides for NB#54

Presented October 26, Friday, for C1A

October 29, Monday, for C1B

NB # 51 Percent Composition Notes

Google Slides for NB#51

Presented October 24, Wednesday, for C1A

October 25, Thursday, for C1B

10/16 C1A and 10/17C1B

(days changed)

How Big is a Mole? video was seen on

10/2 for Chem1A and 10/3 for Chem1B

9/ 14 C1A and 9/16C1B

Adding and Subtracting with Sig Figs

9/ 14 C1A and 9/16C1B

Multiplying/Dividing with Sig Figs

Chem 1A, Friday, 8/24 & Chem2A, Monday, 8/27:

Lab Equipment Drawing Groups below show the groups for drawing in the assignment NB11 Lab Equipment Function. The numbers refer to the items of the handout that is glued in the notebook as a flip page. The NB11 page may be accessed as a link from the web site Table of Contents

Lab Equipment Drawing Groups