LinkIt! Assessments at a Glance

LinkIt! Assessments

LinkIt! assessments are standards-aligned formative assessments, given three times during the school year, that enable student progress monitoring toward mastery of end-of-year grade-level content standards in ELA and Mathematics. LinkIt! assessments are administered in Mathematics (Gr. 2 through Algebra 1/Geometry) and ELA (Gr. 3 through ELA 10).

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MTPS LinkIt! Benchmarks - Standards measured

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What standards to the LinkIt! assessments measure?

Each of the three assessments measures major content standards for the given grade level. This means that on Forms A and B, students will be assessed on standards they haven't been deeply exposed to yet. This is completely reasonable and expected. The goal of the assessments is to monitor student progress as instruction is taking place during the year.

2) Should I be concerned if my child's score on Form A or B is low?

Since each of the LinkIt! assessments measure the entire set of grade-level standards each time the test is administered, students typically score lower on Form A and B. This is because explicit instruction related to the grade-level standards hasn't taken place yet. Form A serves as a baseline from which student progress is measured with Forms B and C. As explicit instruction occurs throughout the year, it is anticipated that students' scores will steadily increase. If a student's progress is stagnant or slower than deemed on par with grade-level peers, teachers will be able to pinpoint areas of challenge and support that student's needs accordingly.

3) How can I support my child's learning at home?

Since all content on the LinkIt! benchmarks is aligned to the NJSLS, standards-aligned practice is available for both ELA and Mathematics. Check out the page to the right for standards-level practice for all grades.