Course Expectations

Classroom Rules

  • You are expected to follow all school rules!
  • You are expected to treat your classmates and teachers with respect!
  • You are expected to be in class on time!
    • 1 point is deducted from your participation grade everytime you are late.
    • Consistent lates will result in a teacher detention and/or referral to the office.
  • You are expected to be prepared for class, this includes your Chrome Book.
    • If you forget your Chrome Book three times it is a teacher detention!

Grading Policy


    • TESTS/QUIZZES (45%)


    • HOMEWORK (10%) Homework will be assigned Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Each homework assignment is worth 2 points. All homework assignments will be located on the monthly calendar located on my website, written on the board for students to copy, a remind will be sent to the student at 3:00pm, as well as written in their google classroom.
          • On time & complete = 2 points
          • Late or Incomplete = 1 point
          • Missing = 0 points
    • DREAMBOX (10%) Students are to complete 3 Dreambox assignments weekly. They are due on Friday at 7:30AM.
    • CHOICE BOARDS (10%) Students will be completing choice boards in class to reinforce concepts learned. Required sections on the choice board that are not completed in class within the allotted time will need to be completed for homework. The choice boards and work associated with each requirement will be collected and scored out of 10 points.

Participation - 10%

    • All students will start the marking period off with an 80% average. Your grade will stay the same, increase or decrease based on your participation. The final grade will be reflected at the end of each marking period.
    • PARTICIPATION (5%) Students are going to working in groups and pairs frequently this year. Students will be be required to use “Math Talk Language” and will be evaluated on their problem solving attempts with their groups.
    • PREPAREDNESS (5%) All students are expected to arrive on time with the necessary materials they need to be successful.


All students will have the opportunity to complete test corrections.

  • You may get help from your classmates, parents, or teacher during Advisory Period. However, make sure you understand your errors enough to explain them clearly.
  • Using the test correction template, you will complete the following for each incorrect question:
    • Write the problem number
    • Write your original answer
    • Write the steps to correctly solve the problem
    • Write the new answer
    • Write at least two complete sentences explaining what your error was and what you need to do to correct it. Write enough to prove that you understand it now.
    • Example: “I made a mistake with order of operations. Instead of working from left to right with addition and subtraction, I completed all of the addition parts first, then I subtracted.”

What is your FINAL TEST GRADE?

Your corrections will be graded. This grade and your original test grade will be averaged together for your final test grade. For example: On the test you scored a 50% & the corrections a 100%.

Your final test grade will be a 75%

Extra Help

Extra Help is offered regularly on Thursday mornings at 7:30 am in Room 110 AND Advisory Block 6 (B)

Please make sure to bring questions with you. This is not a homework session.

Please email Mrs. DeSantis if you plan on attending!

Absences and Make Up Work

Students who are absent from my class are responsible for checking my math homework calendar to collect any missing work and notes from the days of their absence(s).



  • 1 box of #2 pencils (will be kept in the classroom and individually labeled)
  • 2 dry erase markers (will be kept in the classroom and individually labeled)
  • 3 Ring Binder
  • 1 set of Earbuds (will be kept in the classroom and individually labeled)


  • Colored Dry Erase Markers
  • Bright Colored Paper
  • Classroom Candy
  • Clorox/Lysol Wipes