Frequently Asked Questions

What if a student forgets their device or forgets to charge their device?

The MTPS Chromebook needs to be fully charged for each day. The Chromebook should be charged in a location which is both secure and safe so no damage will be accidentally done to the Chromebook when it is charging. The average time it takes to fully charge a Chromebook from 0% to 100% is about three (3) hours. If a student in grades 6-12 does not bring the device, the teacher may direct the student to do an alternate assignment.

What if the device battery dies during school hours?

If students charge the device fully before school each day as they are expected to do, the battery will last throughout the entire day. Remember that the use of technology in the classroom will be determined by the instructor, not the student. Students will not be using their devices in every class every day, or for the entire period in classes where they are asked to do so. For this reason, the number of hours a student has their device turned on will be less than the number of hours they are in school on a given day.

What about accidental damage?

Damages to a Chromebook, whether accidental or deliberate, will follow the Chromebook repair/replace policy set forth on page 5 of the MTPS Chromebook Agreement Form.

What about theft and accidental loss?

When not in the student’s possession in grades 6-12, the Chromebook should be in a secure, locked environment. Unattended Chromebooks found at school will be collected and stored in the school’s office. Do not lend your Chromebook to another person. Each Chromebook is assigned to an individual and the responsibility for the care of the Chromebook rests solely with that individual. If the Chromebook is lost or stolen, a replacement fee of $260 will be assessed for a complete package replacement (Chromebook, AC power cord, and case). A replacement charger will cost $25.

Will students be provided with cases for the device? Can the case be personalized?

All students in grades 6-12 will receive a protective case from the district. Cases can be appropriately personalized within the established school policies and rules for the school environment.

How do I learn how to use the device?

Check out the Get Started with Chromebooks page to access resources and links to help you learn how to get started with your device. On this page, you can find the Quick Start guide that was handed out at Chromebook distribution, as well as links to Google’s Chromebook Support web pages.

How do I connect the device to a home network?

Here are device-specific instructions on connecting to a home network: Connecting a Chromebook to a network.

How do I print from the Chromebook?

To print at home, your printer must be Cloud Print enabled. Click here for instructions on connecting your home printer to Google Cloud Print. Printing in grades 6-12 schools is available in the Library Media Centers on desktop PCs.

What if I do not have internet access at home?

Students are still able to do some of their schoolwork without an internet connection by enabling offline docs, but many assignments and resources do require the internet. If you are interested in obtaining affordable internet service at home, please check to see if you are eligible for Comcast's Internet Essentials program.

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