Ethan Middleton

HDR Photo & Video


Let's Sell a House Together

Realtors need a portfolio that stands out from their competition in order to gain new clients.

5-Star Treatment

Every property deserves 5-star photography. That's why tiered pricing is used, giving even smaller homes and properties a chance to shine.

Time Management

In order to get a fast return on everyone's media, homes are asked to be cleaned, staged, and photo-ready by the scheduled appointment time. Cleaning and staging are not offered but referrals can be provided should your sale require it.

Small Business Owner?

Let's Make a Commercial

Video is the number one way to market a business. Do you have a product or service that makes you stand out? Let's create an ad for social media or YouTube, a video explaination, or even testimonials for your business.

Stack Your Social Media

Do you have a busy lifestyle? Providing you with a months worth of high quality social media content per visit will help grow your business just by clicking the post button.

Website Content

Be it white background or lifestyle, product photography is important to clearly display the item or service being offered to the client.

Services readily available in Southern Wisconsin

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