Pressure Washing

Pressure Washer Meric 20/500, 500 Bar, 20 hp.

Weighing Scales - Hanging

Scale Wt Crane Type Capa 5 MT

Premisis Warehouse Works

We have 2000 square meter land with 500 square meter covered warehouse cum workshop facility at Bhavnagar city.

Tool post with banch

Tool post with many tools like fix spaner set, box spaner set, and many nore are available at our shop

Rack and Stack facilities

80% of covered area is available for stacking all marine engine and other equipment storage.

Metal Belt Saw for cutting

when a big object of metal is needed to cut, we have a solution.

5 MT EOT facility

Heart of business

Paint shop

Needed for better look of finish products

Rebuilt facility for marine engine

Normally not prefering to disturb engines, better to send them for scraping and use good.

HE cooled conversion

this is better condition than Keel cooled marines

Outboard testing

We have testing facility for outboard engine also

Inboard testing

Inboard engine testing facility with heat exchange cooling etc

Marine DC electric shop

For all kind of DC electrification, harness, and devices testing

Carpentry Shop

Marine condition carpentry shop and technicians available

Pipe banding

Diesel Pump Injector testing

Sand blasting

Atlas Copco Screw Compressor GA18 and Hopper are using for the same

Machining shop

Lath and Drill