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 We are specialized in sourcing and refurbishing high quality Marine Engines and Lifeboats from Indian ship recycling yard named Alang. We intend to keep you up to date with our company, products, and on-going promotions also.

Our vision is ----------------------------- 

To see people around the world enjoying Boating, pursuing: healthy life, ultimate satisfaction and a righteous lifestyle.

Our Mission is--------------------

To bring to the market exceptionally healthy, fast and excellent boating products that are accessible to everyone, and to enforce the values of money. 

IT’S ALL ABOUT Water Sports

It's all about Boating Lovers


At Micro, we believe that we all need to be Warriors of True and as such, we pledge:

• To effectively take care of the needy.

•To passionately spread the wisdom of Boatin.

•To be an example of his righteousness through our actions.

•To pursue virtuous moral values, and fight for happiness.

We genuinely love and care for our planet and mankind.

We stand for the above values, and are strongly committed with mankind in the pursuit of these values.

Ours Story:

Micro Marine started in 2004 and has become the leading lerner, producer and distributor in Gujarat of Marine Engine, Lifeboats with exports to differant 25 countries every year.

Micro Marine has a workforce of 3 employees, combined office, workshop and storage facilities with a total area of 1427 m2, a distribution network, many machinery and equipment and plenty of customers worldwide.

In each of our product lines our company has been providing the highest quality of products and service at the most competitive costs and prices.

Accordingly to world ocean transport market thousands of ships are saling in the sea water,  they are coming for demolision after their self life completion. We procur differant Marine Engines makes like Bukh, Daihatsu, Yanmar, Kubota, Vovlo, Mitsubishi and many more also Lifeboats makes like Harding, Watercraft, Fassmer and many more and bring them to our shop and maintain well and refurbish them. A through testing is done for fixed time of span and make them ready to sell. Our marketing team illustrate them globally and arrange transport as soon as order for purchase are received. company has become through the years, a symbol of exceptionally healthy, nutritious, and excellent tasting  products, outstanding service, being highly competitive, and highly reliable.

Our company serves business sectors/customers, such as Ship suppliers, Ship Chandlers, Marine Equipment stockist, Retailers, Water sports service provide, Water trasnporters, Tug owner, Ship owner, Dredging Service Providers, Marine Institutes, Contractors. As an example we have been supplying big brand of LSA company like Palfinger. 

Our production and distribution quality is assured through our company’s total quality system (including the testing of all products by our in-house testing facilities).

Company Hystory:

Established in 2004 by Jatin Mehta a guy with chemistry background, and enterpriniouship in the mind, have started to put the product photos in the internet and getting responses from boat lovers from Netherlands, and one day two Dutch frinds name Mr. Marco and Mr. Jacco came to his yard to see hystorical lifeboats and show interest to buy 7 boats at a time. It was really thrilling moment for him to start his international business. 

This way he got many requirement day to day and extablished own shop to refurbish the boats and marine engine in his town Bhavnagar at Western India. More and more customer came to him and are supplied goods sincerely and update their knowledge for global business. also increased their shop facilities. 

Till the date customers are always welcome to our place and select their liking Boat as well as engines for their loverly boating passion.  

Indian workmanship :

You will always find workoholic people in India. Due to well population, all profession have a good level of competitions. Every one will be sincere to their day to day jobs. This reason Indian products increased their quality as well as being done or occurring at a favourable or useful time. We hire skilled technicians for boat and marine engines refurbishing. We enjoy workmanship of DIesel Mechanics, Carpenters, Painters, Plumbers, Fabricators and many more people with though in the mind to help them out to live a better life.

Your business with us is not only banificial to us, it will be betterment to many subordinates and skilled workers.