Mealtime Resources


This page contains resources around mealtime including food preparation, setting the table, and eating.

All of the new resources posted here are still in the testing phase. We would greatly appreciate your feedback.

Myaamia Mealtime on Memrise

The following link will take you to the Myaamia Mealtime course on Memrise. This course will help you learn terms associated with mealtime. Currently, the lesson includes setting the table and eating.

Link to Myaamia Mealtime course



The purpose of the placemat is to help you learn not only how to set a table, but also vocabulary associated with eating utensils.

The image on the left will take you a downloadable PDF that you can print out and use.

Placemat video

Placemat Video

This video will demonstrate how to assemble your printed placemat and read the associated vocabulary.

Mealtime - multiple v2.mp4

Mealtime Language Video

In this video, you can observe setting the table, eating, and cleaning up.