Elevate is a professional development program dedicated to connecting African youth with the right opportunities and mentorship to succeed in a changing workforce of the future.

Join our 16-hour development program, receive mentorship from a professional, and secure a summer internship with a partner company. We will support you in acquiring the skills highly sought-after by employers and offer the springboard towards better opportunities and employability.

Start collaborating with your Elevator and set yourself up for more success by applying to Elevate.

"Elevate is where ambition meets opportunity."

Our Stories

This Elevate alumnus is working to bring sustainable solutions to close the infrastructural gap in Sub-Saharan African highways, contributing to an improvement in highway safety and promoting shared prosperity at the World Bank.

A Unique Proposition

Elevate is a community where the future of global talents in found. We see our members as diamond in the rough, being polished through a first of a kind initiative on the African continent by Africans. We seek to always go a step further.

We want to prepare young Africans for a future global workplace by complementing their technical skills with skills highly solicited by modern employers.

Join us in our actions, lend us your hand.