Hi my name is Olivia and I am a student at Morrinsville Intermediate School. My favorite things are riding horses, looking at horses, talking about horses, being around horses and food.

100 Word Challenge

I gape openly at the greasy, brown giraffe as he starts to melt in the hot sun. This rare giraffe is absolutely incredible. I watch as the giraffe continues to melt down into a puddle. Once it is fully melted the zookeeper enters the cage and sprinkles some salt onto the puddle and the giraffe regrows its self and continues grazing. What a strange zoo!

Being A Kiwi Is...

Throwing some hot chips on the lawn and turning the sky white with birds.

Sprinting up the sand dunes and riding a boggie board down.

Walking down to the dairy and buying $1 lollie bags

Late night barques with your family

Running into the crashing surf until you fall over, giggling

Hokey Pokey ice cream dripping onto your hands, melting in the hot sun

using a wheelie bin as cricket stumps when you don't have any

Going on long bush walks with your family

Staying up late to watch the all blacks pay

Catching massive eels in the creak down the back of the farm

That's being a kiwi