Hi my name is Clay and I am a student at M.I.S and I enjoy basketball/motocross and scootering.

My favourite subject is food and art tech.

In the weekends I go to the skate park or go motorbike riding.

100 word challenge Words I Had To Use: Giraffe,Greasy,Melted,salt and brown

I had brown salt that melted in the sun because the giraffe wasn't standing in front of it and the ground was too greasy for the giraffe to walk on because it had been raining and there was brown mud everywhere and it was like a couple meters deep and I not going to help the giraffe because I don't want to get stuck too.

Being a kiwi is...

Yelling at the all blacks though the tv,

walking around and drinking L&P all day,

wearing socks and jandals everywhere,