Hi my name is Chloe and I go to school at Morrinsville Intermediate. I enjoy Reading at times because while I read I learn about some History I donĀ“t know.

My favourite subject is writing because I get better ideas what to right.

My favourite thing to do is buddy read.

100 Word Challenge

Salt, Brown, Melted, Giraffe, Greasy.

Last night I had fish and chips for dinner with my family and when we placed our order and waited for about 15 minutes until our order was ready, when we got our fish and chips we went home and started to have our dinner with the family when we opened the newspaper and took a chip and had a small bite of it all I could taste is salt it was so salty I started to cough. After we had our dinner we watched an animal T.V show and it was about brown and yellow Giraffes habitat and about were you could find when and what they eat. After the T.V programme finished i started to finish my cake I made during the day and all I had to do is make the icing so all I done for the icing I just melted some white chocolate and afterwards I had to do my dishes and there was a greasy pan I had to clean.

Being a kiwi is...

Long evenings spent eating BBQ food, Cringing while dads wearing socks and sandles, Salty Hot fish and chips wrapped up in news paper bout watch Hunt and the world of people, making bets who will get the tries, flicking off my sandles on the beach.