Hi my name is Ava am a student at Morrinsville intermediate ,I Enjoy Food tech , Math, Art, lunch and home time.

Being a Kiwi is...

scooping hokey pokey onto your cone.

slipping your gumboots on at 6.30 AM.

jumping into the car to go see the big L&P bottle.

salty hot chips and battered fish,freshly cooked.

chasing the pukes with a gun, BOOM!

cheering for the all blacks-go richy go


Once upon a time there was a brown giraffe she was the odd one that loved to eat salt.All the other giraffes teased her for being a different color and liking salt. One day the greasy hot sun came and melted all the salt, the brown giraffe was upset so she went into a corner and cried she had no friend to look after her.but when she looked up there was the orange giraffe. This is what she said to the brown giraffe, come with me I have a whole stash of salt in my home...