Hello, My name is Abby and I go to Morrinsville Intermediate school.

I love art, reading and writing. (And food) My favourite food is sushi.

At the fair

Walking through the vibrant carnival entrance, bright, neon colours pop out at me, while the smell of chips sprinkled with salt lingers in the warm air. I order a 2 scoop chocolate ice cream and walk around the fun filled fair. My rich tasting ice cream has melted and was now dripping in a puddle at my feet. I strolled over to the food stall again and ordered a scoop of greasy, hot chips. I then wandered over to a basket ball ball game and won a brown and yellow spotted giraffe.

Being A Kiwi Is...

Being A Kiwi Is...

Early morning start, devour plenty of weet-bix and playing cricket until the sun goes down.

Smokey BBQ's, warm saussies in bread smothered in tomato sauce. Bat down and spotlight til we hear... " who want some pav?" Race to the kitchen, Back for seconds. Crawl into the tent and snuggle down in to my over-sized sleeping bag.

Yet another early morning. Long road trip with meaty mince pies for lunch. Arrive at the beach and collapse on the golden sand.