CPR/AED/First Aid Certification

The State of New Jersey endorsed EMS Safety Services presents CPR/ AED and Basic First Aid. This one-day class will include hands-on instruction and evaluation, and will result in a two-year certification. Come ready to participate in this life skill, and dress accordingly. CPR and AED requires a full two hours of participation, so all participants must be ready at start time. The third hour will be a basic sport first aid review as required by MHRD for all coaches, but all are welcome to stay. This workshop meets the AED requirements for Club Advisors.

Participants must pay for the CPR/AED and First Aid card. Please bring a check for $12.00 made out to MHRD Health Programs. This is a 2 year certification. For registration deadlines, click here.

Sessions (Choose one date):

Morris Hills High School - November 6, 2018; February 26, 2019; May 29, 2019

        • Room 158
        • 3:15 - 5:15 (staff)
        • 3:15 - 6:15 (coaches)

Morris Knolls High School - November 7, 2018; February 27, 2019; May 30, 2019

        • Room B55
        • 2:45 – 4:45(staff)
        • 2:45– 5:45 (coaches)

Standard Correlation: 1

SDSC Liaison: Jane Jones