It's The Best Thermostat You've Ever Seen

Let Magic install the Energy-Saving Nest Pro.

You can start saving money right away!

Nest Pro pays for itself.

It turns the heat or air down when you leave, and back up just before you get home. It remembers how you like things and saves you energy and time!

Nest Pro knows when you are sleeping.

Nest Pro learns your needs and adjusts accordingly. No more getting up in the night to adjust the temp!

Nest Pro does it for you.

Easy to program, easy to use.

And it knows when you're awake.

NestPro sees you across the room and lights up so you can tell what the time, temperature, or weather is like.

Nest Pro's got your back.

It understands what you want.

...It even knows when you aren't home!

If you forget to turn down your unit, Nest Pro knows you aren't home and turns it down for you. (And it turns it back up for you just before you get back, too.)

Get rebates from PNM and

NM Gas Company -

Up to 100.00 value!

Have Nest Pro installed professionally by Magic Mobile Home Supply, and you can get a 50.00 rebate from PNM and another 50.00 rebate from NM Gas Co.

That's right. Two rebates!

Some restrictions apply. Ask for details.

Energy Star Certified

Save fuel, energy, money, and time.

Win, win, win, win!

Take Control!

Fully programmable Nest Pro can be controlled with your smart phone!

Android (tm) & Apple IOS (tm) Compatible.

Works with Google Home.

Works with Amazon's Echo, too.

Tell your thermostat who's the boss.

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