In the

Art Room

In the Art Room at South Elementary School, we experience art in several ways. Hands on experiences, self-reflections, and exploration of the significance and value of art in everyday life are a few examples of what happens in our art room. Students often hear phrases such as:

  • Never, never, ever give up.
  • Mistakes are ok, just turn it into something else.
  • Just try, even if it is the worst art ever.

Why is Art important to my student?

Art helps students with creativity, improves academic performance, motor skills, confidence, visual learning, decision making, perseverance, focus, collaboration, and accountability.

from 10 Reasons why arts in Education is so important for kids by Lauren Martin 1/24/2014

Creating paper sculptures.

Working with vine charcoal.

Learning how to overlap and fill the whole page using found art objects.

Painting our Picasso style self-portraits.

It must be art day.

Writing and creating with pattern blocks.

I agree 100%.

Kindergarten working with clay. Using found objects to create texture.

Second graders using watercolor paint to create fall leaves while learning about warm and cool colors.

First graders working on their "Wild Things". Step 2 of the project. We read the book, Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak.

Third graders learning about Oaxacan Folk Art of Mexico.