Welcome to 3rd Grade

I am so excited to be in 3rd Grade this year! I have been in 2nd Grade for 9 years and am looking forward learning a new curriculum! I'm so excited to see some familiar faces from our 2nd Grade group and will have the privilege to watch them continue to grow this year!

Wish list: Moving to another grade and out to the mobile unit is exciting but also requires new materials. I am super excited about the educational games, resources, furniture and storage materials I purchased over the summer but would love to implement a few other resources to enrich your child's learning. If you are able to help build our classroom, I would greatly appreciate it and I know the boys and girls will too! I have never created an Amazon or Teachers Pay Teachers Wish List, but a lot of our staff has and loves how easy and helpful it is. So I thought I'd give it a shot! Please do not feel obligated to donate, there will be other opportunities throughout the year.

Here is a link for My Amazon Wish List. You will see a variety of resources, all of which will be put to good use! There are books, educational games, games that will be modified for educational use (Headbandz, Guess Who, etc.), classroom store items (like a treasure box-but students earn play money and learn about economics principles through this system), resources for social/emotional growth, sensory items for students with special needs and items that will be used in groups.

To donate for Teachers Pay Teachers, please use this link to purchase a gift card. (My email address is laurenholst@mgsd.k12.nc.us)

This is a GREAT site and a go-to for meaningful and engaging resources. Instead of doing just another reading passage and questions, how fun would it be to solve your way out of an Escape Room while practicing reading skills? ...Math not your strong subject? No worries, Number Talks will build number sense in a fun and creative way! ...Feeling like you are having a hard time communicating or making friends? Try these Morning Meeting task cards to learn important social skills in a fun and collaborative way!

Examples of items on Teachers Pay Teachers Wish List:

"With a little love and helping hands, a child can accomplish anything"


Please take a look at our Supplies page to find grade level supplies as well as specific notes and items each student will need specifically in my class. Items can be brought to Open House.

Open House

I can't wait to meet all of you at our Open House on August 1st, 3:00-5:00. Please be sure to complete your infosnap before Open House. You will be asked to go to the office to complete in order to receive your beginning of year paperwork and information. If you have not signed up for bus transportation a table will be set up in the cafeteria. Please stop by to see them before coming to the classroom so I can make note of how your child will be getting home on the 1st day and all year.


Most of our classroom communication will be made through the Class Dojo app so be on the lookout for an invite to join our class. Please also go ahead and put in your information granting your child access to their own account so they can add work to their own portfolios throughout the year.

Even if you are unable to donate for a Teachers Pay Teachers card at this point in the year, I am always on the lookout for fun and creative standard specific games and resources so any donation throughout the year will be put to good use!