COVID-19 Information

We are no longer updating this page

We have ceased COVID restrictions & reporting until notified by the Morrow County Health Department that it is necessary.

Illness Notice.pdf

When to stay home or go to school?

Back to School Info 2021-2022.pdf
Wkly COVID UPDATE 2021-2022 (26).pdf
Covid Updates 1/1/2022

Latest Guidance for COVID

Student and Staff Quarantine & Mask guidelines

MG Learning Recovery & Extended Learning Plan

Mt. Gilead Learning Recovery Plan

Submitted to ODE April 1, 2021

MG Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services Plan

Safe Return to IN-Person Instruction & Local Use of FUnDS Plan

Submitted to ODE June 14, 2021 & Updated August 19, 2021