MG21 Middle Campus

Accepting applications NOW for The 2019-20 school year!!


Our application period has closed.

Please contact us directly if you would still like to apply or have interest.

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The Challenge

The traditional school structure -- the schooling most of us experienced -- doesn’t fit for many students. We know that not all students learn the same way. Simply, we are trying to fit square pegs into round holes.

What does the MG21 Middle Campus do?

  • MG21 provides more choice for what students learn and how they show what they have learned.
  • Students are creating rather than testing.
  • Relationships and community-building are prioritized at the school.

How do we do this?

Rather than simply teaching subjects, we educate the “whole person” through

  • Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning

  • Restorative Practices

YWCA Partnership on Restorative Practices

  • Rigorous Academic Skill Building
  • Service Learning
  • Promoting student wellness

Breathe for Change