Adopt an Element Project

You are now the proud parent of an element baby! Congratulations on your new responsibility. Being a parent can be really need to understand your element baby, so that you know how to take care of it. Is your baby radioactive? Should you be wearing a protective suit? Is your baby a gas at room temperature? Maybe it needs to be kept in a special container, so it doesn't get away! Maybe your baby is highly reactive! If you know, you can find out what other elements to keep your baby away from.

Use the resources on this page to help you complete your Adopt an Element Project.

Project Steps

1) Choose an element that is new to you.

2) Review the project plan.

3) Decide how you want to take notes:

a) Hand-written: print out project notes sheet.

b) Online: follow this link to open in Classroom.

4) Use the research links to research your element.

***All notes must be paraphrased in your own words.

5) Keep track of your sources.

***All images must be cited.

6) Write "History" paragraph and "Uses" paragraph.

7) Start creating your "Baby Block" sides in Docs or Slides. Use the templates to help you with the appropriate size.

8) Print out 6 research squares.

9) Construct cube and glue on research squares. Secure a string and paper clip.

10) Submit your completed notes and cube.