Geography and Mapping-Understanding My Place in the World

Teacher: Mel Zastrow


Course Description:

This course will explore how mapping can help us understand our place in the world. The course begins locally and expands throughout the trimester. Students will use mapping skills to map our school playground, create mazes, map trails, go geocaching and map Dane County Parks.

Driving Question: How can we use mapping skills to understand the world around us?

Unit 1

Mapping Basics

What are the basic components of a map?

Mapping Project 1: Map My Bedroom

Unit 2

Using Mapping for Design

How can we design our school playground?

Mapping Project 2: Map the Playground

Unit 3

How can we learn to read maps and use them to navigate?

Mapping Project 3: Swamplovers-Plan Our Trail

Unit 4

How can mazes help our brains?

Mapping Project 4: Design Your Maze

Unit 5

How can we use other navigational tools?

Understanding Geography Recap

Mapping Project 5: Map Your World

Unit 6

Mapping Project 6: Dane County Parks

Issues, Ideas and Concepts to Explore:

  • Components of a map
  • Designing to scale
  • Reading maps
  • Using maps to navigate
  • Other Navigational skills