MGMT Consulting Global, LLC

David Lerner - Founder and CEO

Pro Se / Under Extreme Duress

MGMT Consulting Global, LLC

Established in May of 2017

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David A. Lerner - Pro Se / Under Extreme Duress

MGMT Consulting Global, LLC

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- In addition to general management consulting services, let me help you and your company to make sure that you're in full compliance with the law and that your cybersecurity systems are tight and that your company is well protected. Don't wait until it's too late, I've seen it happen probably a dozen times by now. Heed my advice, it could save you millions and companie(s) that have failed to follow my consulting reports have lost millions. #facts


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Case studies and examples of my previous consulting work demonstrating to you my unique, exceptional and unrivaled gifts in "spotting" and picking up on the things that no one else in a company and / or government entity does and the tremendous financial and strategic impacts my findings and reports to company management have had and how my consulting reports and findings continue to impact my clients to this day.

MGMT Consulting Global, LLC

Strategic, Professional Consulting Services.

Critical Thinker. Strategic Operator. Passionate. Protector.

Don't trust, verify. Don't start with the premise of "trust." Trust is earned.

Never make material decisions based on incomplete data.

Never Assume. About Anything. Ever. Period.