3D Printing & Design

MGmaker provides a 3D printing, and a 3D design service to private and corporate clients.

- Do you have a 3D design that you need to have printed?

- Do you have to replace a plastic component that cannot be sourced, or is prohibitively expensive, or do you want to modify an existing component?

- From one-off items to small production runs.

- As a sole proprietorship, MGmaker strives toward delivering a personalised service to each client.

- MGmaker strives toward delivering high quality 3D prints with high dimensional accuracy.

MGmaker makes use of FDM/FFF printing- (Fused Deposition Modeling / Fused Filament Fabrication) and SLA printing (Stereolithography) technology.

Why 3D printing?

- 3D printing makes the relatively fast and more affordable fabrication of designs throughout various iterations possible.

- 3D printing is perfectly suited for creating one-off items and small production runs.

- 3D printed parts are ideal for: Calibrations jigs, Workholding, Assembly jigs / fixtures, Sensor mounting, Quick fixes.

- 3D printing is not only meant for technical components, but also for toys and decorative items.

Do you need more than what you see on the MGmaker website?

Specific needs? Specific materials? Feel free to contact MGmaker to discuss your 3D printing needs.


The cost of a 3D printed object depends on the size, the desired material, and the intended use of the item. (The intended use determines the internal structure of the object.) It is therefore difficult to provide an offhand cost estimation for a 3D print.

Feel free to contact MGmaker, then we can discuss your 3D printing needs.

MGmaker has a 21 panel solar panel array that can produce more than 20 kWh on a sunny day, in an attempt to reduce the carbon footprint.