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Cyber Safety Parent Presentation by Steve Window

Steve is the Cyber Safety Support Office for the Anglican Schools Commission. He entered Queensland Police Service in May 1994. Steve was a Detective and for the majority of his service and performed a variety of criminal investigation work. However, he also spent 4 years as an intelligence officer. Steve specialised in covert online investigations with Task Force Argos from 2009 to 2016 and was also seconded to G20 cyber cell. Steve ended his service with a stopover in the Child Trauma and Sexual Crime Unit prior to joining the Anglican Schools Commission as the Cyber Safety Support Officer.

During his presentation, Steve focussed on the AIDE Principle: Application, Internet, Device, Educate and Engage. This also included ideas and thinking around how each of the following can be addressed:

  • Online Risks to our children
  • What parents and carers can do if something goes wrong.
  • How parents and carers help reduce the risk to their child.
  • Additional online support and training offered to parents by the Anglican Schools Commission.